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As the UK’s main distributor of liners, we offer every type available for containers such as drums, pails and IBCs. This includes food grade, anti static, conductive, LDPE, HDPE and chemical resistant materials.

Steel Drums are one of the most widely used packaging solutions. Here at ITP Packaging we offer a range of open top and tight head steel drums.

Fibre Drums are a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective container for transportation and storage. They can also be used with a liner, allowing the storage of liquids and creams.

Plastic Drums are one of the most popular containers for storing, packing and transporting products safely. We offer both open top and tight head plastic drums, in a number of different sizes.

Tinplate pails are a widely used container for storing and transporting smaller volumes of liquids. We stock a range of metal pails, with various sizes available, in both lacquered and plain interiors.

We have a wide range available from 5ltr to 30ltr, all of which are manufactured from HDPE, including stackable, food grade, UN Approved and various additions to suit, such as vented caps.

Our range of Intermediate Bulk Containers includes UN Approved, food approved and anti-static. UN Approved for industrial use, IBC’s can be used to store everything from drinking water to hazardous chemicals.

We offer a wide range of Spill Pallets, Bunds, Covers and Drip Trays to fulfil your safety requirements. They provide a safe area that prevents liquids spilling out into the surroundings, or contaminating other products.

CurTec containers are designed to offer protection for your valuable products. We have the full range of CurTec containers available, with the recognisable red and white Wide Neck and Total Opening drums.

Absorpole is easy to hang in containers and fits flush in the recess of the container wall. Absorpole contains calcium chloride which is environmentally friendly and on those who handle the pole.

Our range of elasticated dust covers are great for covering drums, IBCs, pails and more. These covers are a quick and affordable way of giving your open containers protection from contamination.

Our range of foil liners keep your product from moisture and oxygen. They’re ideal when transporting foods, powders, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and other oxygen sensitive products.

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Our product range largely consists of Industrial, Transit and Protective Packaging for the production and manufacturing industries. That said, our customer base is varied, ranging from private individuals to organisations on a multi-national level.

If you’re not sure whether we have what you’re looking for, get in touch. We’re happy to answer any of your questions, and assist you in discovering what you need. We can even visit your premises to see first hand your procedures and offer advice with your packaging.

Our friendly service is provided by our knowledgeable and experienced team. We provide high quality products that are reliable, and perform exactly to your requirements, with customer service at the core. We take pride in building strong customer relationships, so that our customers know they have found the right supplier.

Reduce your carbon footprint with our range of liners.

We’re the leading provider of liners for drums, pails and IBCs throughout the UK, offering a vast range of materials and sizes. Not only do liners save time and money but the can help reduce your environmental impact. If suitable for your application, we also offer our liners with at least 30% recycled content that reduces the need for virgin plastic and eliminates Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT). 


If you currently use a tight head steel drum once, using a liner inside an open top steel drum can reduce your CO2 emissions by around 70%. Using a liner in this way will reduce your CO2 emissions while increasing your profits.


You can reduce your carbon footprint by an average of 40% when using our liners in steel drums, compared to simply reconditioning them. This offers a great step towards reducing your impact on the environment.


We offer our liners in wide range of materials, including liners with at least 30% recycled content. This is just one of the many ways we’re working with our customers to offer more environmentally friendly options. 


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