What is the difference between a reconditioned and a rebottled IBC?


Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are reusable. This is one of the reasons why they can be such a cost-effective method for storing and transporting bulk materials such as chemicals. There are two types of reused IBCs available on the market; reconditioned IBCs and rebottled IBCs. WHAT IS A RECONDITIONED IBC? A reconditioned IBC is one […]

Which substances can you store in an IBC?

Elasticated Polythene Covers for IBC

WHAT IS AN IBC? The intermediate bulk container (IBC) is an industrial-grade, reusable container that is pallet-mounted. It is ideal for storing and transporting liquids and powders in bulk. The IBC is designed to be stackable, and you can use a forklift or pallet jack to move it. WHY ARE THESE CONTAINERS INTERMEDIATE? This refers to the […]

Drum or IBC: Which is easier for storage?

Drum Versus IBC

Drum or IBC: Which is easier for storage? 06 APRIL 2020 When it comes to storing large quantities of items such as chemicals, there is a choice of vessel. How should you decide whether a drum or intermediate bulk container (IBC) is the best option? ABOUT STORAGE DRUMS Drums are cylindrical in shape and are usually used for storing […]

Are reconditioned IBCs safe?


Reconditioned intermediate bulk containers are previously-used containers that have been professionally cleaned for reuse. A vital factor is what materials these IBCs contained previously. Therefore, to ensure they are safe, reconditioned IBCs must undergo a rigorous process of cleaning and reconditioning. DO RECONDITIONED IBCS CONTAIN TRACE CHEMICALS? Before proper cleaning, intermediate bulk containers may contain trace chemicals […]