What substances can you store in a plastic drum?

220 litre open top blue plastic drum

Plastic drums are one of the most versatile pieces of industrial storage and transport equipment found in a warehouse. Ordinarily coloured blue and spherical in shape, they can vary in size and overall capacity. They’re suitable for storing a wide range of materials, from foodstuffs through to hazardous chemicals. In this article, we look at which substances you can safely store […]

A guide to transporting hazardous chemicals


Transporting chemicals is a key task that many companies with an industrial focus need to complete safely, on a regular basis. Transporting hazardous chemicals is a task that needs to be completed by following stringent laws and regulations, which are in place to keep the process health and safety compliant. To transport hazardous chemicals safely and […]

Plastic drums for the food industry

Drum Liner in drum

Classic, blue plastic barrels are a common sight in warehouses, supermarkets and storage areas across the world. Blue plastic barrels are the perfect container for many industrial items. In particular, food grade plastic barrels are excellent for storing and transporting foodstuffs safely. Plastic drums used in the food industry need to be suitably decontaminated and certified safe for carrying and storing […]