How to Safely Handle and Store Oil Barrels

Steel Drum

Steel drums and other barrels are an excellent choice of container for industrial oils and lubricants. But to avoid contamination, you need to ensure that an oil barrel is safely handled and carefully stored. While an oil barrel is robust and long lasting, improper storage can cause the products inside to become contaminated with dust […]

How to Protect Your IBC From UV Damage

UV Protection IBC Cover

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are long-lasting industrial storage containers designed to hold large quantities of liquid, in storage or in transport. But while IBCs are great for storage and transport, on their own they only offer your products and goods minimal protection against harmful UV rays that can easily penetrate the outer layer. This leaves […]

Is Plastic Packaging bad for the environment?

Blue Plastic Drum Family

‘Plastic is bad for the environment.’ At least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe in recent years. There are noble campaigns to stop plastic-use, to halt the sale of single-use plastics, and to promote more awareness of the environmental impact of the waste we produce. However it’s not quite so simple as saying ‘all […]