How to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Packaging Industry

All open top blue plastic drum

The packaging industry is well known for using large quantities of plastic in order to safely store and transport goods across the world. The plastic waste produced by the packaging industry can unfortunately contribute to increased energy usage, pollution and many more environmental issues. But that’s only part of the story. In this article, we […]

Where to Buy Plastic Drum Containers

60 litre blue plastic drum

Versatile, cost-effective and perfectly suited for a range of industrial uses, the classic blue plastic drum is an indispensable storage container. But while there are countless shops and retailers selling plastic drums, it’s important that you choose a supplier you can trust to deliver the highest quality plastic drum container, every time. If you’re wondering […]

Industrial Uses for Steel Barrels

ITP Packaging

Hardwearing, robust, long lasting and able to safely store everything from hazardous waste to food and beverages, steel barrels are one of the world’s most popular industrial storage and transport solutions. With an impressive range of industrial uses, steel barrels have been adopted for different purposes by sectors as diverse as the pharmaceutical and aviation […]