How to Collect Rainwater

Barrel outside full of water

Water is a finite resource in the UK and globally. Population growth continually increases demand, but climate change has greatly diminished rainfall in many areas. Farmers and gardeners require large and constant quantities of water. With the right collection and storage facilities, you can collect rainwater to supplement your supply. It can even be better […]

How to Prevent Algae Growth Stored in Water Tanks

algae under microscope

Have you ever looked at water tanks with spots of algae on the inside and wondered if the water inside is still drinkable or even usable? And how do the owners even clean up something like that? Algae growth in water tanks is very common and can affect water quality, and even become a potential […]

A Guide to Garden Water Storage

Barrel outside full of water

If you’re an established gardener or are looking to start a garden, you’ll understand the importance of water security to your plants’ growth. Yet, this is in direct contrast with the water insecurity we’re facing in light of climate change and water shortages. As this issue grows, so too will the need to store water. […]

A Guide to Agricultural Water Tanks

water tank outside

Many components go into the success of a farm, yet none more important than water. Any farmer would likely attest to the necessity for clean water, available and accessible year-round. In light of several factors, such access has come under threat, forcing farmers to innovate their water storage methods. In this article, we’ll examine how […]