How to ship clothes

packing clothes into a box

Online shopping has taken the world by storm, allowing people to buy almost anything, from any part of the world, at the best price. However, shipping these items often isn’t economical. Depending on the country you live in or the location you want to ship to, it’s often more cost effective to buy those items […]

Water storage for camping

man pouring water while camping

Camping is an opportunity to unplug from our lives and enjoy what nature has to offer. We look forward to living simply, and giving up – temporarily, at least – some of the comforts of urban life. Of course, we still need access to clean, drinkable water while away. Amateur and experienced campers alike would […]

Interesting ways to decorate a bar

a bar with hanging bottle lights

With some creativity and craftsmanship, steel and plastic drums typically used to transport oil, food, and medicine can be transformed into bar furniture or décor. If you’ve not visited, then you’ll likely have seen photos online of refurbished shipping containers serving as structures for Airbnbs, bars and pop-up events. Not only that, the idea of […]

Oil Drum Tables

bar with pool table and oil drum table

Decorating a space to reflect a theme, while also establishing a certain ambiance, can be challenging – especially when trying to preserve the functionality of your décor. However, using oil drum tables in place of traditional tables can address those issues, and be one less headache in the planning process. Benefits of using oil drums […]

Quirky Ideas for Pubs

people in a pub

A crucial part of starting and running a business is setting yourself apart from your competitors. That could be catering to a specific niche, or offering products or services that similar businesses don’t. In some cases, this can mean giving your customers an unforgettable experience with how you decorate your business. In this article, you’ll […]

How to put on a festival or outdoor event

outdoor event

Immense thought into planning a flawless event or festival. Outdoor event planning usually involves making arrangements for refreshments, entertainment, and sanitation among other things. In this article, we’ll examine how choosing the right festival bins can enhance the experience at your festival or outdoor event.  Using storage containers for refreshments If you were to Google […]