Sustainability and Steel Drums

Steel Drum

One of the world’s most common industrial storage solutions, steel drums are used to ship and store an impressive variety of goods and products, from oil, petrol and other fuels, to beverages and even hazardous waste. Steel drums are an important part of the supply chain, but as consumer demands increase in an ever-expanding economy, […]

Five Tips for Using Steel Drums

210 litre UN Tight Head Steel Drum

Steel drums are one of the most popular forms of industrial packaging. Hardwearing, robust and incredibly versatile, they’re used by a diverse range of businesses and industries. Steel drums are commonly used to store and transport chemicals, fuel, oil, lubricants, food, drink and even hazardous waste. They’re popular in the aviation industry, with transport and […]

What Kind of Transport Do You Need for Stainless Steel Drums?

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Stainless steel drums are one of the most widely used and robust pieces of industrial storage equipment, but it’s imperative that businesses and individuals follow stringent health and safety rules and regulations when steel drums are transported. Steel drums are bulky and heavy (they can weigh upwards of 200 kg when fully loaded), and they’re […]

Which Industries Use Steel Drums?

Steel Drums

Steel drums are a versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective form of industrial drum that have a vast number of uses across many different industries. Fantastically robust, steel drums can be used to store everything from petrol and chemicals to food and drink. UN rated steel drums can even be put to work hauling hazardous waste for […]

Are steel drums food grade?

Open Top Drum with lacquered interior

Steel drums are one of the most commonly used industrial containers in the UK. But while you might see them as invaluable for safely storing hazardous waste or transporting petrol or diesel fuels, they are also incredibly popular for storing and transporting food. In fact, the chances are high that at some point in the supply […]

Everything you need to know about reconditioned steel drums

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Hardy, durable, robust and long lasting, steel drums are a mainstay of the industrial world. These versatile storage and transport containers can hold everything from herbs and spices to chemicals and hazardous waste. With a little reconditioning, they can survive for decades. Steel drums can be reconditioned time and time again, making them the perfect […]

A Guide to Steel Drums

Tight Head Steel Drum

Steel drums are some of the most versatile and robust containers in popular usage throughout many industrial and commercial sectors. They can be found in warehouses and transport depots across the world, stocking all manner of industrial goods from foodstuffs to hazardous chemicals. Steel drums are hard wearing, cost effective, reusable, and long lasting. They are perfectly suited to fulfil a wide range of industrial storage and […]


Poly Drum Spill Pallet with Steel Cover (4-Drums)
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Manufactured from medium density polyethylene this spill pallet, designed to hold 4 x 205ltr drums has a 0.6mm galvanised steel (powder coated paint finish) cover fitted with hinged doors and retaining catches to hold them open during loading and unloading. The metal cover is secured to the spill pallet by means of M8 dome head Allen bolts & nyloc nuts.

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