Are fibre drums sturdy?

Fibre Drum

Fibre drums are a low-cost, environment-friendly way to store or ship a huge range of products or materials, from hazardous waste to various foodstuffs. 

They are durable, incredibly versatile and, best of all, sturdy. 

They are sturdy enough, in fact, to be excellent alternatives to steel or plastic storage drums.

But just how robust are fibre drums? 

It is a question we asked our experts to help you decide if fibre drums are the right solution for your commercial needs. 


Fibre drums are made of fibreboard, a type of cardboard but one that’s much stronger than regular cardboard. 

They are cylindrical in shape, and similar in design and purpose to steel or plastic drums

Fibre drums come in a wide range of sizes and are customisable in their capacity, ranging from a few litres up to hundreds. 

But the design and materials used in their construction are the same. 

They can be fitted with fibre lids and, depending on what will be stored inside, could also be fitted with steel or plastic ones adding an extra level of rigidity, safety and sturdiness to the cylinder. 


While fibre drums might not look as rigid as steel or plastic drums, they are much sturdier than you might first believe.

They might be lightweight, but the cylindrical shape and toughness of the fibreboard used to manufacture them ensures they can compete with other types of material. 

Fibre drums can also be kitted out with a range of different lids for added protection, while the insides can be fitted with extra layers depending on what is being transported. 

As a bonus, fibre drums are not just sturdy, but recyclable too. 

This makes them cost-effective and kind to the environment.


Fibre drums have a wide range of uses across a huge variety of different industries. 

They are sturdy and reliable enough to store anything from chemicals to hazardous waste, as well as much less dangerous substances.

Many pharmaceutical or chemical companies use fibre drums as a cheap and environment-friendly substitute for traditional steel or plastic storage containers that generally cost more. 

They can be sturdy enough to be approved for dangerous chemicals and waste, and given extra protection inside if needed.

Fibre drums are frequently put to good use by food companies in need of a cost-effective way to safely transport products, flavourings or colourings, especially ground goods. 

They are also used to transfer wires and cables, adhesives, and many more things.


To find out more about fibre drums and whether they’re sturdy enough for your business needs, contact ITP Packaging today to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team. 

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