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CurTEc 55 Litre Total Opening Drum
The Curtec Brand

The CurTec brand is one of the most trusted brands in the industrial packaging world. With a wide range of robust, plastic products designed to

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CurTec Total Opening 26litre drum
Why Choose CurTec Drums

CurTec drums are one of the most popular industrial brands on the market. Robust, long lasting and hardwearing, these highly durable plastic drums with their

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IBC Spill Pallet 1100ltr
What Is a Spill Pallet?

A spill pallet is an essential piece of equipment for any business storing or transporting industrial liquids. It’s designed to keep storage areas safe from

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IBC Bund Pallet with 4 Way Access
What Is an IBC bund?

An IBC bund is designed to be placed directly beneath an IBC (intermediate bulk container), in order to catch and contain any spills. An IBC

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