How to Repurpose Industrial Packaging

ITP Packaging

Industrial packaging is an important part of the supply chain, allowing businesses to safely store and transport large quantities of goods across the world. But with so much demand for industrial goods, it’s also important to understand where all this packaging ends up. Rather than being thrown into landfill, the most common forms of industrial packaging – […]

A Guide to Steel Drums

Tight Head Steel Drum

Steel drums are some of the most versatile and robust containers in popular usage throughout many industrial and commercial sectors. They can be found in warehouses and transport depots across the world, stocking all manner of industrial goods from foodstuffs to hazardous chemicals. Steel drums are hard wearing, cost effective, reusable, and long lasting. They are perfectly suited to fulfil a wide range of industrial storage and […]

A guide to transporting hazardous chemicals


Transporting chemicals is a key task that many companies with an industrial focus need to complete safely, on a regular basis. Transporting hazardous chemicals is a task that needs to be completed by following stringent laws and regulations, which are in place to keep the process health and safety compliant. To transport hazardous chemicals safely and […]

A guide to industrial packaging

ITP Packaging

Industrial packaging is an important part of the production process, allowing industrial-grade goods and products to be protected while they’re shipped and transported. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with various materials to choose between.  Each product has its own requirements when it comes to packaging, so it’s important to know which type of industrial packaging works best in any given situation. WHAT IS INDUSTRIAL […]

Double wall cardboard boxes: Uses and design guide

cardboard box

Double wall cardboard boxes are a fantastic way to store and transport heavy loads. They offer an exceptional level of strength, durability and versatility that’s utilised by a range of different industries across the globe. Double wall boxes are also environmentally friendly, they’re very much an affordable packaging option and, perhaps surprisingly, they’re incredibly resilient. […]

A guide to buying the right cardboard boxes

cardboard box

Cardboard boxes are among the most commonly-used type of packaging because they are convenient, affordable and durable. However, it is not as simple as choosing which size you’re going to use – there are a few more considerations before buying.  MATERIAL The best cardboard boxes are lightweight, but also hard-wearing.  The last thing you need […]

A guide to materials

ITP Packaging

There are a number of different materials used to produce our products which will be briefly explained on each product page. In addition to this, further information regarding each product specification is also available upon request. We have put together a list of some of the materials used which may also serve as a handy […]

A guide to measuring polythene thickness

0-25mm Digital Micrometer

The thickness of our polythene products is measured in microns (mu) as standard throughout our site. However, although this is the standard ITP Packaging use, many people also measure in gauge or millimeters (mm) , or quite simply defined as light duty – heavy duty. Measuring is gauge is the more traditional imperial measurement of […]