Different Steel Drum Sizes and What They’re Best Used For

210 litre UN Tight Head Steel Drum (Lacquered Interior)

The steel drum is one of the most common sights in warehouses and industrial centres across the world. These stout storage solutions are not only versatile, but they’re manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, too. The standard steel drum is produced to a capacity of 210-litres, and this large industrial container is used to […]

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Steel Drum

210 litre Tight Head steel Drum black

Steel drums are not only incredibly versatile pieces of industrial equipment, they’re fantastically cost-effective too. That’s because steel drums are designed to be used time and time again. Even old, used steel drums can be repaired, repurposed and entirely recycled and reconditioned. In fact, with a little care and attention alongside appropriate storage and handling […]

What Kind of Transport Do You Need for Stainless Steel Drums?

ITP Packaging

Stainless steel drums are one of the most widely used and robust pieces of industrial storage equipment, but it’s imperative that businesses and individuals follow stringent health and safety rules and regulations when steel drums are transported. Steel drums are bulky and heavy (they can weigh upwards of 200 kg when fully loaded), and they’re […]

Which Industries Use Steel Drums?

Steel Drums

Steel drums are a versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective form of industrial drum that have a vast number of uses across many different industries. Fantastically robust, steel drums can be used to store everything from petrol and chemicals to food and drink. UN rated steel drums can even be put to work hauling hazardous waste for […]

How to Safely Handle and Store Oil Barrels

Steel Drum

Steel drums and other barrels are an excellent choice of container for industrial oils and lubricants. But to avoid contamination, you need to ensure that an oil barrel is safely handled and carefully stored. While an oil barrel is robust and long lasting, improper storage can cause the products inside to become contaminated with dust […]

How to choose the right packaging materials

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Protective packaging is essential. It’s the only way to ensure that your products safely and securely reach your customers, without being broken or damaged while in transit. In an industrial setting, protective packaging is also essential for health and safety. But transporting chemicals is going to require very different protective packaging in comparison to shipping out electrical […]

Why choose ITP Packaging as your steel drum supplier?

Tight Head Steel Drum

Steel drums are durable, long lasting, cost effective and reusable. They’re a classic industrial transport and storage unit, and they’re perfectly suited for safely holding everything from spices and powders to chemicals and hazardous waste. But as a business owner, you need to know that your steel drums are the best option for moving and storing […]

Packaging for the Manufacturing Industry

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The packaging industry supplies manufacturers with protective packaging solutions for the safe transportation of raw materials across sectors. Whether it’s boxes for car parts or barrels for oil and barley, packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and there isn’t one industry in the world that doesn’t rely on it. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY Manufacturing […]

What is a UN Rated Drum?

Storage Drums

UN ratings are an essential mark of quality control that signifies whether a steel or plastic drum meets rigorous health and safety standards for storage and transport of hazardous materials. UN ratings are set by the United Nations. If you’re planning on working with hazardous solids or liquids, then it’s essential to purchase storage materials that are UN rated and approved. But […]

Are steel drums food grade?

Open Top Drum with lacquered interior

Steel drums are one of the most commonly used industrial containers in the UK. But while you might see them as invaluable for safely storing hazardous waste or transporting petrol or diesel fuels, they are also incredibly popular for storing and transporting food. In fact, the chances are high that at some point in the supply […]