How to Fill Your Plastic Barrels


Plastic barrels are one of the world’s most popular industrial storage options, and for good reason. The classic blue plastic barrel is a common sight in warehouses and storehouses, because they’re durable, reusable and cost-effective. But in order for them to be as long lasting as possible, it’s important to learn how to fill your plastic […]

When Can You Not Ship a Barrel?

Metal Storage Drums

Barrels are one of the most effective forms of industrial packaging, and they’re perfect for shipping goods and materials from one country to another. But shipping internationally isn’t quite as simple as filling up a barrel before having it sent overseas. If you’re transporting industrial goods in shipping containers, then you need to make sure […]

How to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Packaging Industry

All open top blue plastic drum

The packaging industry is well known for using large quantities of plastic in order to safely store and transport goods across the world. The plastic waste produced by the packaging industry can unfortunately contribute to increased energy usage, pollution and many more environmental issues. But that’s only part of the story. In this article, we […]

Where to Buy Plastic Drum Containers

60 litre blue plastic drum

Versatile, cost-effective and perfectly suited for a range of industrial uses, the classic blue plastic drum is an indispensable storage container. But while there are countless shops and retailers selling plastic drums, it’s important that you choose a supplier you can trust to deliver the highest quality plastic drum container, every time. If you’re wondering […]

What Is an IBC Tank?

Elasticated Polythene Covers for IBC

An IBC tank, or intermediate bulk container, is a versatile, robust and hardwearing piece of industrial storage equipment designed to safely hold large quantities of liquids and semi-liquids. IBC tanks are a stalwart feature of the industrial packaging world, offering a reusable and recyclable container that can hold everything from drinking water to hazardous chemicals. […]

What Are Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Made Of?

1000 Litre IBC

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (or FIBCs) are non-rigid storage containers that are primarily used to hold large quantities of dry semi-solid materials, such as sand or powder. Flexible intermediate bulk containers are completely collapsible. This means they are not only highly usable but easy to store and transport when not filled to the brim. In […]

What is an IBC water tank?

1000 Litre IBC

An IBC water tank is a versatile, long-lasting, yet cost-effective storage container designed to store and protect large quantities of water or other liquids. An IBC tank (intermediate bulk container) can be used to safely store and transport a range of liquids, but is most commonly found storing drinking water. Given its UN ratings however, […]

How to Protect Your IBC From UV Damage

UV Protection IBC Cover

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are long-lasting industrial storage containers designed to hold large quantities of liquid, in storage or in transport. But while IBCs are great for storage and transport, on their own they only offer your products and goods minimal protection against harmful UV rays that can easily penetrate the outer layer. This leaves […]

Is Plastic Packaging bad for the environment?

Blue Plastic Drum Family

‘Plastic is bad for the environment.’ At least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe in recent years. There are noble campaigns to stop plastic-use, to halt the sale of single-use plastics, and to promote more awareness of the environmental impact of the waste we produce. However it’s not quite so simple as saying ‘all […]

How to choose the right packaging materials

ITP Packaging

Protective packaging is essential. It’s the only way to ensure that your products safely and securely reach your customers, without being broken or damaged while in transit. In an industrial setting, protective packaging is also essential for health and safety. But transporting chemicals is going to require very different protective packaging in comparison to shipping out electrical […]