Double wall cardboard boxes: Uses and design guide

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Double wall cardboard boxes are a fantastic way to store and transport heavy loads. They offer an exceptional level of strength, durability and versatility that’s utilised by a range of different industries across the globe.

Double wall boxes are also environmentally friendly, they’re very much an affordable packaging option and, perhaps surprisingly, they’re incredibly resilient. All these reasons and more ensure that double wall cardboard boxes have become a mainstay of the industrial packaging industry.

In this article, the expert team at ITP Packaging explains what double wall cardboard boxes are, and why double wall boxes are perfect for your transport and storage needs.

What Are Double Wall Cardboard Boxes?

Double wall cardboard boxes are heavy-duty storage boxes produced using two layers of corrugated cardboard stacked side by side. This double layer of cardboard sets them apart from the single wall cardboard box, which does not offer as much protection.

The best double wall boxes are manufactured from kraft paper, a resilient type of cardboard that provides a rigid frame for the box and allows it to keep its shape during transport.

A double layer of kraft paper creates a sturdy fluting effect, which provides extra protection and cushioning for any products stored inside the cardboard box. Because of this double layer of kraft paper, these boxes prove to be much stronger and longer lasting than traditional single-layer alternatives.

What Are the Benefits of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes?

Double wall boxes have a number of important benefits that ensure they’ve been adopted as primary packaging options across a wide range of different industries. They are ideal solutions for a long list of storage and transport tasks where extra protection is required for the product in transit.

The primary advantages of double wall boxes include:

1. Suitable for industrial use

Double walled kraft paper is not a flimsy material. These boxes are sturdy, durable and resilient, and they’re designed for repeated industrial use. Their strength and shape mean they can hold a wide variety of industrial goods, while multiple boxes can also be stacked on top of one another for ease of storage.

2. Cost-effective

They are incredibly lightweight and cost-effective in comparison to other industrial transport containers such as steel drums. Double wall cardboard boxes also have an extensive lifespan, meaning business owners stand to save money by reusing them on multiple occasions.

3. Heavily customisable

Double wall boxes are incredibly customisable, both in size and design. They are typically manufactured to a number of set measurements, ranging in shape and size from small square boxes to large rectangular boxes. These sizes can be customised to suit your industrial needs, while the outer cardboard can be printed with logos, branding and industrial warnings.

4. Environmentally friendly

If your company is aiming to reduce its carbon footprint, then double wall cardboard boxes are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious business owners. Double wall boxes can be reused time and time again, and they are also made from up to 90 per cent recycled materials.

What Are Double Wall Boxes Commonly Used For?

One of the best benefits of double wall boxes is their versatility. Of course, they are primarily used for storing and transporting solid goods, but this broad spectrum effectively includes almost any item that can fit inside the box.

Double wall boxes can hold up to 30kg of stock safely, and this can include everything from fragile electronics to heavy tins of paint or stacks of frozen produce. This means that a wide range of industries and businesses utilise double wall boxes on a daily basis to meet their storage and transport needs.

A few common examples of the uses of double wall boxes and the items stored inside include:

  • Beverages stored in bottles or tins
  • Electronics packaging
  • Fruit and vegetable storage
  • Furniture boxes
  • Pallet boxes
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Postal boxes
  • Product shipping boxes
  • Tinned food
  • Tins of industrial goods

Do Double Wall Boxes Last Longer Than Single Wall Cardboard Boxes?

Double wall cardboard boxes are much stronger than single walled cardboard boxes, and they’re likely to last much longer.

Double-walled cardboard can take larger knocks and dents, and will degrade slower than single-walled cardboard, giving them a longer lifespan overall.

The twin layers of corrugated cardboard are both springy and durable, ensuring that the boxes keep their shape even if they’re thrown around in the back of a lorry. This makes double wall boxes suitable for reuse, whereas single wall boxes are more likely to sustain damage.

Single or Double Wall Boxes: Which Is Best for Me?

In most cases, double wall boxes are superior to single wall boxes. This is primarily down to the fact that double wall boxes are always stronger and longer lasting than single wall boxes, which simply can’t compete in terms of durability and reusability. If you need to maximise protection, then a double wall box is always going to be the best choice.

However in certain scenarios the single wall cardboard box does have its uses. The main benefit of single wall cardboard is that it’s slightly cheaper than double wall cardboard (although with bulk orders, the difference in cost is marginal anyway).

Arguably, this also means that your business will produce less waste, although remember that single wall boxes aren’t reused as often as double wall boxes are. Single wall cardboard also takes up less space, so if your products don’t need as much protection, they can be more economical in this respect.

Ultimately though, the strength and rigidity of double wall cardboard make it a winner in comparison to flimsier single wall cardboard.

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