Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Plastic and Steel

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Plastic and steel have occupied an important position in the industrial packaging sector for many years thanks to their strength, durability and versatility.

However, it could well be worth choosing fibre drums, which have similar qualities, instead of plastic and steel containers for your business’s industrial packaging operations – more so if you’re keen to reduce costs and enhance your green credentials.

Inexpensive and eco-friendly yet high-performing, fibre drums are a first-class alternative to plastic packaging and steel packaging for storing, transporting and protecting goods.

Although environment-friendly storage containers can also be made of other green materials such as bamboo, glass and pottery, those materials are highly unlikely to be able to cope with the demands of industrial packaging processes.

Fibre drums, also known as cardboard drums and fibreboard drums, are different.

They’re an ideal alternative to steel and plastic because they’re robust, reliable and adaptable enough to carry a whole host of goods, from food to electronics.

A fibre drum is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and steel that can withstand being stacked, handled and dropped, while a waterproof fibre drum can also be kept outside in the rain.

Moreover, ITP Packaging fibre drums are UN-approved for peace of mind.

What is a better alternative for plastic packaging?

Some companies have been criticised for distributing products in single-use plastic packaging.

When discarded, it pollutes the environment and takes centuries to break down.

Plastic drums are reusable, so they don’t contribute to single-use plastic problems.

However, it’s important to be aware that the plastic manufacturing process requires large quantities of fossil fuels and emits greenhouse gases. The same is true of steel production.

So, plastic and steel drums won’t ever be the most environment-friendly storage containers.

By contrast, fibre drums are made from a strong yet sustainable material: unbleached virgin kraft paper.

As an alternative to plastic packaging, they’re reusable and recyclable (even the waterproof ones). They’re also secure and lockable.

And while plastic drums are a common choice for storing and transporting liquids, lined fibre drums are eminently suitable for that job too.

Fibre drums truly are a credible, impressive alternative to plastic containers.

How does a fibre drum compare to steel?

You may also be interested to know how well fibre drums perform as an alternative to steel.

These environment-friendly storage containers can be used for many of the same applications as steel drums, such as carrying powders, semi-liquids, solids and, in some cases, even dangerous substances.

Naturally, fibre drums are lighter, but they’re also sturdy and hardwearing.

Kraft paper has high tensile strength. Not only that, many fibre drums have metal chimbs to enhance their durability, and locks and plastic lids to ensure they’re airtight.

Steel drums may remain your first choice for extremely heavy, flammable or corrosive contents, but it’s evident that fibre drums compare favourably with them in other respects and have the added benefit of lowering your carbon footprint.

What is the most sustainable container?

As Greener Ideal magazine emphasises, sustainability has become ‘a necessity’ due to growing environmental concerns like climate change.

Businesses that demonstrate a responsible attitude to the environment (for example, by adopting a cheaper, eco-friendly alternative to plastic and steel for industrial packaging purposes) can enhance their reputation in the eyes of customers, investors and talented workers.

And by prioritising sustainability, they can work in more efficient, cost-effective ways.

As a green alternative to plastic and steel drums, fibre drums can play a vital role in reducing your environmental impact.

There’s compelling evidence to suggest they’re the most sustainable containers of their kind.

As mentioned above, the kraft paper used for high-quality fibre drums is derived from wood – a renewable resource – from sustainably managed forests. The pulping chemicals required to produce it are recoverable and reusable.

In addition, kraft paper is classed as biodegradable, unlike plastic and steel.

Fibre drums are also an excellent alternative to steel and plastic drums because they aren’t as heavy.

You can therefore reduce the amount of fuel needed to transport goods – great news for your finances and the planet.

ITP Packaging – A Leading Fibre Drums Supplier

As a carbon neutral company, we’re committed to sustainability and also helping our customers to look after the environment while lowering costs.

Whether you make automotive parts, electrical cables, pharmaceutical products or something else, we can supply eco-friendly, cost-effective fibre drums with capacities ranging from 26 to 200 litres and bespoke sizes.

They can be customised with images and/or text, and free UK mainland delivery is available.

For more details about fibre drums as an alternative to plastic and steel, contact ITP Packaging today.

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