How to Connect Plastic Pallets Together

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Plastic pallets are an invaluable tool to the shipping and storage industry.

Moreover, like many plastic products they can be recycled and repurposed into new items.

Whether you’re interested in continuing to use plastic pallets as shipping tools or making them into something new, knowing how to connect plastic pallets together is key to putting them to good use.

This article will look at how to connect plastic pallets together and what makes them great materials for repurposing.

Why Should Plastic Pallets Be Repurposed?

Plastic pallets have many qualities that make them an ideal item for repurposing.

Often made from polypropylene or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these materials attest to plastic pallets being both durable and relatively lightweight.

Under the right conditions, plastic pallets can last upwards of a decade. Being made from plastic also means that plastic pallets are waterproof.

Therefore, they’re easier to clean and sanitise than their wooden counterparts.

The versatility of plastic pallets is near limitless. Because of their design and other qualities, they’ve been used to construct furniture, and home and garden décor.

How to Connect Plastic Pallets

Given the numerous ideas for repurposing plastic pallets, it’s important to know how to bring these ideas to life.

If you’re looking into how to connect plastic pallets together, there are several options.

Based on the thickness of the pallets, nuts and bolts or screws can be used to connect them together, and to another surface such as wood.

This method is especially useful if you’re looking to create something that can be uninstalled and reinstalled, because it’s based on just removing the screws or bolts.

However, if the repurposed pallets will be used in a hot environment, special care must be taken because the plastic will react to heat.

A related option for how to connect plastic pallets together with screws and bolts is to also use metal brackets.

These will allow you to connect the pallets at an angle, and provide more stability, depending on the purpose. However, you have to be conscious of not cracking or breaking the plastic whilst applying the screws and bolts.

When considering the question how to connect plastic pallets together, it’s also worth considering an adhesive.

The best type of adhesive will depend on the type of plastic used to make the pallet, and what you want to stick the plastic to.

Those factors will decide whether you use a cement, solvent or other type of adhesive. However, each type comes with a set of safety instructions that must be followed.

Zip ties and ratchet straps are also an option on how to connect plastic pallets together, as they can wrap around the gaps of the pallets and bind them together.

Although strong, they may not have the load-bearing capacity or longevity that screws, bolts, or cement have.

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The importance of a durable and long-lasting plastic pallet is crucial for different industries.

And with the right tools, you can create a plastic pallet sized to your needs.

Contact ITP Packaging to learn more about the benefits and use of plastic pallets for your business or next project.

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