How to Protect Your IBC From UV Damage

UV Protection IBC Cover

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are long-lasting industrial storage containers designed to hold large quantities of liquid, in storage or in transport.

But while IBCs are great for storage and transport, on their own they only offer your products and goods minimal protection against harmful UV rays that can easily penetrate the outer layer. This leaves your industrial goods susceptible to sunlight damage.

Luckily, a UV-resistant IBC cover is the solution to sun damage and harmful UV rays that could otherwise spoil your products. In this article, we explain why UV resistant IBC covers are so effective, and why you should invest in them to protect your IBCs from UV damage.

Why Can UV Light Be Damaging to IBCs?

IBCs are popular methods of industrial storage, offering a large capacity container that’s perfect for storing and transporting liquids and semi-solids. They’re long lasting and hardwearing, and can safely transport everything from drinking water to hazardous chemicals.

However IBCs on their own don’t stop harmful UV light from potentially spoiling the goods inside the container. IBCs are moulded from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a type of plastic. HDPE does not stop UV rays, which are incredibly penetrating.

Many IBCs are fitted with dust covers. These are large jackets that keep the IBC covered, but are only designed to protect against dust, dirt or moisture. Standard IBC covers also don’t protect against UV rays, which can still penetrate.

The problem isn’t damage to the IBC, but damage to its contents. UV light can spoil food or drink, it can mess with chemical compositions, and it can spoil or seriously damage many industrial products (especially liquids) that are stored inside IBCs.

While UV damage might not be a problem if your IBCs are stored underground or in darkened warehouses, it is a problem if they’re stored in areas of natural light. Even if they’re undercover, harmful UV rays can penetrate through the HDPE, particularly if they are left in the light for a continuous period of time.

UV light can affect IBCs when they are in transport too, so business owners that need to store or move goods in sunlight need a solution.

UV Resistant IBC Cover

The solution comes in the form of a UV-resistant IBC cover. This industrial-sized covering is similar to a standard IBC cover, however it offers effective protection against penetrating UV radiation.

UV-resistant IBC covers are made from a different material to standard covers. Standard IBC covers are made from woven PP (polypropylene), which is water-resistant and tough but offers no added UV protection. UV-resistant IBC covers are made from a much heavier denier polyester fabric, which is effective at blocking UV rays.

This material is not only UV resistant, but it’s much harder wearing and long lasting than woven PP. UV-resistant IBC covers protect against dust and dirt, while importantly also offering a waterproof covering. These features make it the perfect covering for outdoor duties when you need to store or transport goods in the open air.

UV-resistant IBC covers are produced in a range of different sizes, and they’re designed to meet industrial needs. While they’re more expensive than cheaper woven PP covers, they’re much more effective at protecting your products.

Other Types of IBC Cover

In addition to UV-resistant covers specifically designed to protect the contents of an IBC (and the IBC itself) from ultraviolet damage, there’s also an extensive range of specialised IBC covers, designed to protect against other issues.

These include the following:

These IBC covers won’t offer any added protection against the sun, but they do offer protection against dust, dirt, moisture and more. If your goods aren’t kept outdoors or in direct sunlight, then these might be more appropriate options for you than a UV-resistant cover.

Contact ITP Packaging Today to Find Out More About Protecting IBCs

IBCs are long-lasting storage units, but if you’re keeping them outside or in sunlight, then you can extend their lifespan significantly with an IBC cover.

Here at ITP Packaging, we have a large stock of rugged, hardwearing and effective IBC covers ready to be shipped immediately. For more information on protecting IBCs and other industrial packaging options or to order your IBC cover, then don’t hesitate to contact ITP Packaging today.

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