Interesting ways to decorate a bar

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With some creativity and craftsmanship, steel and plastic drums typically used to transport oil, food, and medicine can be transformed into bar furniture or décor.

If you’ve not visited, then you’ll likely have seen photos online of refurbished shipping containers serving as structures for Airbnbs, bars and pop-up events.

Not only that, the idea of using shipping containers for retail purposes is not a new one.

However, this concept isn’t solely reserved for large containers to house businesses and accommodation.

Storage drums made from steel or plastic can be used as bar decorations or as a base for outdoor bar supplies.

In this article, we’ll identify imaginative ways to create bar decorations from storage drums.

Benefits of using storage drums to decorate a bar

New and refurbished storage drums provide unique benefits when it comes to decorating a bar.

Made from sturdy materials like steel or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), storage drums can be reshaped into bar decorations or repurposed as bar furniture.

Depending on the theme of your bar or event, repurposing new or refurbished drums into furniture and décor contributes to a certain aesthetic.

Shipping containers contribute to an industrial theme, especially when combined with exposed support beams and old crates.

However, if that isn’t to your taste, they can be changed with a fresh coat of paint, upholstery or adding new materials.

Storage drums are as versatile as they are durable too.

And you may find that using them as an alternative to traditional décor creates the ideal atmosphere for your bar.

Decorating a bar with storage drums

There are numerous ways to substitute ordinary objects with drums, and improve on the concept.


It cannot be overstated how durable storage drums are.

One of the first ideas you’ll consider in terms of bar decorations is to use them as tables.

Whether made from steel or plastic, they’re more than capable of bearing the weight of anything served at a bar.

Creating a table can be as simple as setting the drum in place and placing chairs or stools around it. You might want to repaint the drum so it complements the bar’s colour scheme.

If you’re feeling more creative, it’s also possible to install a countertop made from materials such as glass or wood. However, it’s best to apply this solution to a steel drum because it is better able to handle the weight of this addition.


After considering the use of storage drums as tables in a bar, why not construct the bar itself from storage drums?

The drums can serve as the weight-bearing legs of the bar, with a countertop running between them.

This design is could work indoors or as an outdoor bar decoration, depending on the size and layout of the venue. 


Much like tables, using storage drums as seating is another popular choice.

Using them as makeshift stools around a high table is the simplest solution. Even as a makeshift stool, you can raise the quality of the container and improve the comfort of your customers by adding a cushion to its top surface.

Taking this idea one step further, steel drums can serve as patio furniture.

This would require cutting in half and opening the container, upholstering the exposed interior, and attaching legs.

The result would be innovative garden bar decorations in the form of comfortable chairs and loveseats.

Shelves and cabinets

In addition to seats, tables and the actual bar, another idea for bar decorations is to create small fixtures around the bar beyond seats and tables, for example shelves and cabinets.

These fixtures borrow the idea of cutting into the container, either completely in half or partially to create a door.

Instead of turning the drum horizontally and adding upholstery as you would to create a chair, you can keep it standing vertically and add shelves to the interior.

Not only does this fill the space with furniture, but outdoor events will require storage space for outdoor bar supplies.

Therefore, you can have garden bar decorations and normal bar decorations that are also functional.

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Similar to the concept of using shipping containers to house businesses and accommodation, it’s possible to apply the same innovation to create bar decorations from smaller storage containers.

This is especially popular for those interested in customising furniture and décor, as well as those with an eye on being environmentally conscious.

For the remodel of your bar or your next pop-up event, consider the versatility that a steel or plastic drum can offer.

For more information on our range of steel and plastic drums, and how they can be invaluable for shipping, storage, or interior decoration, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Our products are multipurpose and functional.

At the same time, they can provide the appearance that your business or event is looking for.

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