Oil Drum Tables

bar with pool table and oil drum table

Decorating a space to reflect a theme, while also establishing a certain ambiance, can be challenging – especially when trying to preserve the functionality of your décor.

However, using oil drum tables in place of traditional tables can address those issues, and be one less headache in the planning process.

Benefits of using oil drums as tables

Whether in real life or by way of social media, we’ve all seen oil drums being repurposed as tables at bars or events.

Doing so is simple; stand the drum vertically, and it can serve as a table. However, ease of use is not the only reason that oil drum tables have become popular in recent years.

One of their many qualities is that they’re strong, hence a fantastic option for storing and shipping goods. However, this quality can be useful when looking to create custom furniture.

Creating an oil drum table can be as simple as locating it vertically and placing food and drink on it. However, oil drums can also serve as the base for a countertop made from glass, wood, or even marble.

A steel or stainless steel drum is strong enough to sustain the weight of a counter, in addition to the that of refreshments, table settings, and other objects at any given event.

In addition to their strength, oil drums are fully customisable.

At a bar, you can repaint barrel tables to reflect a certain colour palette. Alternatively, at more formal events, barrel tables can be wrapped in fabric. This maintains the table function as a flat surface to hold food and beverages, but also serves a decorative function.

The greatest selling point for oil drum tables is their reusability.

Theycan be made from new and refurbished drums, which means you can save money by creating tables from cleaned, refurbished drums.

After your event, these tables can be stored and reused when needed. In essence, you’ve reused and recycled material, and done your bit towards sustainability.

Other uses for oil drums

While oil drums are often used to create barrel tables, there are other uses for drums made from other materials.

It’s not unusual for event organisers to opt for oil drums instead of traditional rubbish bins, given they’ll likely cost less yet serve the same purpose.

Much like their steel and stainless steel counterparts, plastic and fibre drums can be repainted to match the event’s theme or to indicate different types of rubbish.

However, biodegradable fibre drums are the best option for disposing of biodegradable rubbish.

These containers have the added benefit of coming in sizes larger than the average rubbish bin.

This means attendees have plenty of opportunity to dispose of their rubbish, without fear of overflowing bins ruining the ambiance of an event.

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