Desiccants - ideal for safe shipping and storage.

Our range of container desiccants are easy to use and occupy minimum space. Ideal for long shipments and storage, our desiccants use calcium chloride to efficiently remove moisture from the air. Offering 10 times moisture reduction compared to silica gel, they are perfect for transportation and storage.

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What desiccant is right for me?

All our desiccants contain calcium chloride which is highly effective at removing moisture from the air, and far better than silica gel.

In fact, calcium chlorides absorption capacity is 10 times higher than silica gel.

And when you look at the environmental aspect, its estimated that the carbon footprint of silica gel is 20 times higher than from calcium chloride.

Benefits of using AbsorGel over silica gel

One question we get asked a lot is what are the benefits of our AbsorGel (calcium chloride desiccants) over silica gel? The short answer is the increased absorption capacity the AbsorGel desiccant offers.

Silica gel can typically hold around 25% of its weight in water. On the other hand, our AbsorGel® desiccants can hold around 250% to 300% of its own weigh. That means AbsorGel is over 10 times more effective at absorbing moisture than silica gel.

The higher absorption rate of AbsorGel® means you need a lot less of it than silica gel for the same effect. So for packing shipping containers, this will also shorten installation and removal, along with reducing handling requirements.

If you use small pouches of silica gel (1 to 10 g), it can be difficult to reduce the amount of desiccant, but there are still a number of other benefits:

  • Effectiveness in preventing all moisture damages.
  • Increased protection in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Simplify the packaging process and reduce costs.

Some leading garment manufacturers have banned certain silica gel pouches as they may contain small amounts of cobalt (II) chloride. Cobalt (II) chloride is a dangerous and poisonous substance that can cause contamination and impact our health.

AbsorGel® on the other hand is a natural desiccant containing calcium chloride, a compound present in nature.

Carbon footprint of calcium chloride desiccant

Due to the differences in the process of sourcing silica gel and calcium chloride, the general figures point to calcium chloride’s carbon footprint being half of silica gel’s. Furthermore, you have to use 10 times as much silica gel compared to calcium chloride. The result being that the carbon footprint of calcium chloride desiccants is 1/20 of that of silica gel.

And the Absorpole is the first carbon neutral desiccant in the market. The plastic is made from 100% recycled material with a 60% less CO₂ footprint than the regular PP plastic. All unavoidable CO₂ emissions related to the production and sourcing of the new Absorpole have been calculated and compensated via Gold Standard projects.

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