Drum Covers and Jackets - Range suitable for fibre, plastic and steel drums

When it comes to protecting the content of your drums, we’ve got it covered. ITP Packaging knows the importance of getting the right product for the right job, and that’s especially the case when it comes to drum covers. We’ve given you a choice drum covers and jackets, so you’ll find the most suitable for your requirements.

The range covers choices for fibre, plastic and steel drums of around 210 litres.Further information is available on each product page below.

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Semi-rigid drum covers have the advantage of being able to snap over the rim of the drum, thereby creating a more robust way of protecting whatever is inside. Semi-rigid drum covers provide a perfect solution when it comes to storing the drums outside, as they are weatherproof and give an extra barrier of protection in a dirty environment. The durable polythene material, from which these covers are made also protects from UV rays. 

The alternative to semi-rigid drums is elasticated. These are lower in price and are ideal in a less demanding environment. Semi-rigid drum covers are also an affordable way of protecting drums from contamination when left open. 


The design of our snap-on drum lids is ideal for use on open-top steel drums. Made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), they are rigid enough to provide reliable protection without risk of splits, cracks or falling off. 


The semi-rigid nature of these covers means that they can be used repeatedly by snapping them on and off each time, without fear of compromising the drum content. The drum lids work equally well in an indoor or external environment. Outside, the tight-fitting design can cope with high winds and extreme weather conditions. In terms of suitability, the lids snap-over 210-litre drums, which can either be tight head steel drums or open-top steel drums. We sell them in packs of five and discounts are available for larger quantities. 


Prices for the Open Top Drum Cover or Tight Head Drum Cover are the same and both types can per purchased individually. 

  •  One individual cover: £8.00 each
  •  Pack of 5: £7.50 each 
  •  Pack of 15: £6.60 each
  •  Pack of 50: £5.50 each 


If you’re looking to protect the content of your drums then our elasticated dust covers provide the perfect answer. Once covered, your drum won’t become contaminated from dust, moisture or dirt. They’re versatile too, as the elasticated design makes them suitable for different drum sizes. 


Our elasticated dust covers are anti-static and food approved. The covers are available in a choice of four colours; black, blue, clear and pink, which is useful to identify drums of varying content, for example. The dust covers elastic means they are versatile enough to cover drums, mixing vessels, boxes and pallets. In the case of drums, they can cover drums with diameters 500-700mm. We sell elasticated dust covers in packs of 10, with volume discounts available for large quantity orders. 


There is a simple pricing structure for this product, irrespective of colour. The elasticated dust covers for drums are sold in packs of ten, and volume discounts are available depending on quantities ordered: 

  •  One pack of ten: £14.90 
  •  Two packs of ten: £13.50 each 
  •  Five packs of ten: £13.00 each 
  •  Ten packs of ten: £12.00 each 
  •  Fifty packs of ten: £10.10 each 


Not correctly covering your drums can be a very costly mistake as ingress of water can often result in ruined contents. They can also reduce the risk of accidents occurring and prevent injuries too. Rigid drum covers offer maximum protection to the contents of all 210-litre drums. They are available in five different colours to make it easier to colour code and organise drums when stored together. 


Even in the harshest of weather conditions, rigid drum covers will protect your drum’s content. That’s because the cover is made from medium-density polyethylene and is sturdy enough to keep out both water and dirt. The diameter is 610mm and height is 70mm, making it a snug fit for 210-litre drums. 

Identifying and organising your drums is made easier because the covers are available in five colours; black, blue, green, red and yellow. This colour coding saves wasted time from having to remove lids to find out the contents. 


There is a standard pricing table for this product, whereby the price per lid reduces according to the number ordered per colour: 

  •  One individual cover: £22.00 
  •  Pack of 10: £21.00 each 
  •  Pack of 20: £20.00 each 
  •  Pack of 50: £19.00 
  •  Pack of 100: £18.00 


If you’re serious about protecting the contents of your drums, then purchasing the right kind of cover is a must. If your drums are stored outside, snap-on drum covers provide the perfect solution. They can be used for open top and tight head steel drums. In some situations, there are health and safety benefits too. A tightly fitting drum cover can avoid potentially hazardous spillage. Additionally, by purchasing a variety of coloured drum covers, you’ll be able to operate more efficiently as the contents of drums can be identified without the time-consuming process of looking inside. For more economical indoor use, elasticated dust covers are the answer. Whichever best suits your requirements, you will avoid the costly wast of having your drum contents ruined by contamination.

In short, the price depends on the type of cover and the quantity being ordered. Elasticated dust covers are the cheapest option and depending on the number purchased; they can be from as little as £1 + VAT. However, if your drums are too be stored outside and need protection from the worst kinds of weather, only a tightly fitting snap-on cover will do. Prices for these items start at £5.800 + VAT. Whichever type you need, it’s a small price to pay for protecting valuable drum contents.

Elasticated drum covers are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) to a thickness of 60mu as standard. It is widely recyclable but can supply in other materials if preferred. They are food approved and anti-static . Semi-rigid (snap-on) drum covers need to be much more robust to fulfil their requirements. The material is flexible enough to snap rigidly to the storage drum, as well as being able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Elasticated drum covers are more versatile in terms of the variety of containers for which they can be used. The elastic means that they can be used to cover items which are round or square. These containers can include drums, mixing vessels, boxes and pallets. As for semi-rigid drum covers, they are designed precisely to fit 210-litre drums.

If you receive your order and it’s not quite what you wanted, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Contact our customer support team on 0333 987 4564 within 48 hours, and you’ll be issued a returns document. We’re always happy to offer a refund or replacement on any goods returned within 30 days of issuing the returns document. 


If you need to discuss your drum cover requirements, please get in touch. We are highly knowledgeable when it comes to giving the right advice for protecting your goods stored in drums. For complete peace of mind when storing and transporting your products, speak to ITP Packaging. We’ll provide you with the solution to avoid damage or contamination. ITP Packaging can help protect your drum content with our high-quality drum covers.