Drum Liners - Suitable for steel, plastic and fibre drums

Our extensive range of Drum Liners are designed to fit into steel, plastic and fibre drums. The drum liners are primarily manufactured from polythene (LDPE and HDPE) but barrier foil liners, made from aluminium, can also be purchased. Our range of Drum Liners are used for both storing and shipping of a wide range of products such as liquids, powders, chemicals, coatings and food to name but a few. Drum liners reduce the amount of times drums will need cleaning or replacing, which also reduces unnecessary waste and prevents product contamination. Drum liners help you lower your carbon footprint and save you money and time that can be used on other tasks.

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The name ‘Drum Liners’ usually referrers to a liner for a 200 litre steel drum (also called 55 gallon, 210ltr, oil drums etc) or a 220ltr plastic drum or a fibre drum. Liners are available in various types including formed liners, round bottom, flat bottom and semi-rigid variations. They are also available in a range of materials including food grade (EU and FDA approved), anti static, conductive, barrier foil as well as a range of thicknesses, strengths and colours.

Drum liners are used for a number of reasons , such as storage, shipment and mixing various types of products. Examples of the kind of products are:

  • Chemicals
  • Oil and Grease
  • Adhesives
  • Inks and coatings
  • Food products
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Powders
  • Liquids 

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Protect the inside of your drum with our Barrier Foil Round Bottom Drum Liners. The product is manufactured by welding a disc to one end of an open-ended tube of material. The weld forms a tight liquid seal that means the liner has a high level of tear-resistance and will last. The accuracy of the product measurements reduces the likelihood that creases and air pockets will form, which is a regular problem when using ordinary flat bags.

Features and specifications:

Barrier Foil Round Bottom Drum Liners are sold in multiples of ten, excluding VAT. They can line drums that have dimensions of 580 in diameter and 1300 mm in height. The liners are made of tear-resistant aluminium.

Order Barrier Foil Round Bottom Drum Liners on our website, or call Customer Support for further information and advice on the product. Orders can be placed over the phone on request.


If you’re looking to protect the content of your drums then our elasticated dust covers provide the perfect answer. Once covered, your drum won’t become contaminated from dust, moisture or dirt. They’re versatile too, as the elasticated design makes them suitable for different drum sizes. 


Our elasticated dust covers are anti-static and food approved. The covers are available in a choice of four colours; black, blue, clear and pink, which is useful to identify drums of varying content, for example. The dust covers elastic means they are versatile enough to cover drums, mixing vessels, boxes and pallets. In the case of drums, they can cover drums with diameters 500-700mm. We sell elasticated dust covers in packs of 10, with volume discounts available for large quantity orders. 

There is a simple pricing structure for this product, irrespective of colour. The elasticated dust covers for drums are sold in multiples of ten, and volume discounts are available depending on quantities ordered.


Anti-Static Formed Drum Liners act as a second skin for your drums; they eliminate folds and air pockets, and they make the drum usable with follower plates, pumps and mixers. They have a lip that fits over the side of the drum to prevent leakage and contamination between the liner and the drum wall. These liners are highly suited for products that need extra protection and also anti static properties. 

Features and specifications:

Anti-static Formed Drum Liners are ideal for steel drums in particular and are made of anti-static LDPE (low-density polyethylene) 300mu as standard.


Anti-Static Formed Drum Liners are priced individually and sold in multiples of 5, excluding VAT.

Order Anti-Static Formed Drum Liners on our website, or call Customer Support for further information and advice on the product. Orders can be placed over the phone on request. 


Food Grade Formed Drum Liners fit perfectly into standard 200 litre steel drums, eliminating folds or creases. This means they can be used with mixers, follower plates, pumps etc. Available in both clear and blue LDPE, they are EU and FDA food approved.

Priced individually and sold in multiples of 5, excluding VAT. 

Order online or over the phone. You can also contact Customer Support for further information and advice on the product.


Round Bottom Drum Liners are an affordable way to protect steel, plastic and fibre drums. They’re manufactured by welding a disc to an open end of material; the weld then forms a strong liquid seal. This method of welding provides a high level of tear-resistance, and the accurate fit on the liner reduces the formation of creases and air pockets, which can be an issue with ordinary flat bags. By purchasing a round bottom drum liner, you are reducing contamination and ensuring that the interior of your drums stay clean. 

Priced individually and sold in multiples of 10, excluding VAT.

Here at ITP Packaging, we aim to be your number one supplier for a range of drum liners in the UK and Ireland. With free delivery on any order over £100 in the UK, there is no reason not to try out our fantastic range of high quality drum liners to help protect your goods and increase the longevity of your goods and containers. Whether you need a Barrier Foil Round Drum Liner, a Formed Drum Liner (anti static or food grade), a Formed Drum Liner with 2” Bottom Discharge, or a Round Bottom Drum Liner, we’ve got you covered. We have everything you need, and all products are sourced from trusted manufacturers of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on offering our valued customers products that last. Get in touch with us by visiting our website or call our excellent customer support team on 0333 987 4565

A drum liner provides protection for your products and the container itself, encouraging its long-term reuse.

Using a liner also allows you to store different materials in the same drum while reducing any risk of contamination.

Not only that, products can be removed more easily.

Yes! That’s precisely their purpose.

Drum liners are designed to protect products stored inside plastic or steel drums, forming a second skin inside that acts as a barrier.

Most of the liners we supply are anti-static and food-grade approved, keeping the materials inside contaminant-free.

Drum liners with a bottom discharge allow products to be pumped directly into bottles (or other containers) without opening the drum, further reducing any risk of contamination.

ITP Packaging supplies liners to protect the inside of 210ltr steel drums.

Those products are also suitable for 220ltr plastic drums and 200ltr fibre drums.

Drum liners supplied by ITP Packaging are primarily made from LDPE (low density polyethylene) or HDPE (high density polyethylene).

However, PP (polypropylene) and aluminium foil drum liners are also available in our range.

Ask a member of our team which is best for your individual needs.

Regardless of which material is used, each type of drum liner protects products inside from exposure to air, moisture, pests and other possible contaminates.

Not only that, a liner keeps the inside of a drum clear from spills.



If you need to discuss your drum cover requirements, please get in touch. We are highly knowledgeable when it comes to giving the right advice for protecting your goods stored in drums. For complete peace of mind when storing and transporting your products, speak to ITP Packaging. We’ll provide you with the solution to avoid damage or contamination. ITP Packaging can help protect your drum content with our high-quality drum covers.