Barrier Foil Liners and Bags

Foil liners are primarily used inside drums and pails particularly in the storage or transportation of liquids or goods which need an oxygen barrier. They are constructed from aluminium foil which ensures protection from any applications requiring protection from oxygen and moisture.

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Our Round Bottom Foil Liners which fit inside a drum with reduced folds or creases compared to a flat bag. The manufacturing process of creating foil liners is to weld a circular piece of aluminium foil to an open-ended foil tube. The joining of the two parts is so strong, the liner can even be used for liquids without fear of leaks. Another feature of the high-tech material is the resistance to tearing and punctures.

Substances, as varied as food, powders, adhesives and pharmaceutical products, benefit from being transported in drums and pails lined with foil liners. They can be filled with products as hot as 160°C, even making them suitable for reactive hot melt adhesives. The liners are available in a variety of materials including military grade, EU & FDA food grade, anti-static and hot fill.

Barrier foils offers many benefits including:

  • Moisture and oxygen barrier
  • UV protection
  • Eliminates odour ingress or emitting.
  • Prevent corrosion


We supply aluminium foil liners which can be used inside drums and pails to protect your product. Without their use, your product could react with moisture, oxygen or general contamination. Another benefit is that the liners protect against odour, either through ingress or emission. Your drums and pails last longer too as the liners prevent contamination and thereby extending their life.

Our foil barrier liners are designed with a round bottom, which mean they will fit more snuggly into a drum or pail. The significance of this becomes apparent when the container starts being filled. Straight away you’ll notice much fewer creases in the lining when compared to flat bags.

Whether you are using a foil liner for a drum or pail, the liners can be used for food, liquids, dry goods, pharmaceutical supplies, powders and adhesives.

In short, very strong. That’s because they’re made from a high strength barrier foil material. They are also leak proof which makes them suitable for liquids too.

Barrier foil drum and pail liners guard against the content being damaged through exposure to moisture, aroma and oxygen/air. Once filled your goods will be protected against odour, either by ingress or emission.

Yes, most definitely. The foil liners are suitable for filling temperatures of up to 160°C. If you have a higher requirement, please contact Customer Support for further information.


If you need to discuss your drum cover requirements, please get in touch. We are highly knowledgeable when it comes to giving the right advice for protecting your goods stored in drums. For complete peace of mind when storing and transporting your products, speak to ITP Packaging. We’ll provide you with the solution to avoid damage or contamination. ITP Packaging can help protect your drum content with our high-quality drum covers.