Formed Liners for Drums and Pails

Formed Liners insert into your pails or drums like a second skin, eliminating folds and air pockets which make the liner ideal for use with follower plates, pumps and mixers etc.  We stock liners in a range of materials, such as LDPE (low density polythene) and PP (polypropylene), to suit your specific requirements.

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Formed liners are ideal for the storage and transportation of products such as chemicals, paints, inks, cosmetics, silicone and food products. We offer a range of materials including anti-static and food approved, meaning you can store a wide range of goods while protecting drums and pails from damage and contamination.

Formed Drum Liners act as a protective skin for drums and pails to prevent contamination and also protect your product. When inserted into your container, the shape and tight fit of the formed liners eliminate folds and air pockets, making the liners suitable for use with follower plates, pumps and mixers. The liners have a lip that fits over the drum to prevent leakage between the liner and the drum wall; as a result, they are well suited for the storage and transportation of products.

  • Ideal for standard open top 200 litre steel drums and metal pails.
  • Also available for 30 litre, 60 litre, 120 litre and 150 litre plastic drums.
  • They are clear as standard but available in blue also.
  • Anti Static and EU & FDA food approved as standard but other materials available upon request.
  • LDPE as standard, which is widely recycled, but can supply in other materials
  • Ideal for products which are mixed, pumped out (e.g. paints, chemicals and cosmetics) and/or for use with follower plates.

The liners are also referred to as drum inserts, form inliners, pail inserts and rigid liners to name just a few.


If you need to discuss your drum cover requirements, please get in touch. We are highly knowledgeable when it comes to giving the right advice for protecting your goods stored in drums. For complete peace of mind when storing and transporting your products, speak to ITP Packaging. We’ll provide you with the solution to avoid damage or contamination. ITP Packaging can help protect your drum content with our high-quality drum covers.