IBC - Intermediate Bulk Containers - Our range includes UN approved, rebottled and reconditioned.

Our IBCs are perfect for transporting and storing your product. Our range of 1000ltr IBCs include brand new UN approved, rebottled and reconditioned. If you require any assistance choosing the right IBC for your application, then please call or email our Customer Support Team.

Intermediate Bulk Containers are a cost effective and widely used way of transporting and protecting a variety of different goods. You’ll most likely see them used for the storage and transportation of products such as: chemicals, paints, inks, pharmaceuticals, solvents and other liquids. However, being UN approved and high durable many people find many other uses for 1000ltr IBCs, from moving valuable products to storing water.

We also offer a range covers suitable for our IBCs which includes woven IBC CoversIBC Dust Covers and UV IBC Covers. Protecting your goods is important, whether that be from moisture, sun damage or dust. The IBC Covers are ideal for outside storage and have eyelets in each corner which can be tied to the IBC. Each cover is suitable for all manufactures including Schutz, Mauser, Werit, etc. 


We offer three main types of IBCs, new, rebottled and reconditioned. One question we get asked quite a lot is ‘what is the difference between the three types?’.

New IBCs are exactly that, brand new, never been used before. This means that both the cage and bottle are new and available as UN approved, food grade. This makes them ideal for foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc.

Rebotteled IBCs are where the cage will be used but the bottle is new. Although they aren’t UN approved, it does still mean that foods can be stored in them as the bottle is virgin food grade material.

Reconditioned IBCs are a great cheaper option if you are looking for a cleaned IBC where possible cross contamination from the cleaning process isn’t an issue.

Common features and details: 

  •  1000x1200x1152mm
  •  Around 60Kg each  
  •  Great transportation and storage 
  •  Stackable 
  •  Available on wooden, steel or plastic pallets
  •  Further options available on request


If you still have some questions about our IBCs or need some help choosing the right one, then please get in touch with us today . When storing and transporting your products, you want to be able to rest easy knowing that nothing is going to damage or contaminate them.

At ITP Packaging we’ve tried to make the shipping process as simple as possible.

For all orders over £100, standard delivery is FREE within mainland UK. For orders under £100 or outside of mainland UK or Ireland, the delivery charge will be clearly added to your order prior to checkout so that you are fully informed before you commit to payment.

Currently our online system is only available for orders delivered to UK and Ireland. However, for any orders outside of the UK or Ireland, please contact 0333 987 4565 or email hello@itppackaging.com and we will happily assist you further.

If you receive your delivery and for some reason you’re not entirely happy and wish to return it, please contact our Customer Support team on 0333 987 4564 within 48 hours and they issue you with a returns document. All we ask is that you return the goods to us within 30 days of issuing the returns document and we’ll either refund or issue a replacement.

If you require further information about this product, or any product in our range, please contact our Customer Support Team who’ll be able to assist you with your queries.

Technical information, product data sheets, MSDS etc are also all available by contacting the Customer Support Team.

Tel: 0333 987 4565

email: hello@itppackaging.com

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