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IBC heaters and IBC jackets are the best way to heat and insulate industrial liquids when IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) are in storage or transport. IBC heaters offer a quick and safe source of heating, allowing you to maintain a constant temperature, protect goods from frost and cold snaps, and sustain the necessary viscosity of liquids.
Manufactured from high-quality industrial materials, ITP Packaging’s comprehensive range of IBC heaters and IBC jackets offers an effective solution for heating liquids. Designed to be used in conjunction with steel-framed, UN-rated 1,000-litre IBCs, we’re confident that our heaters and jackets will meet all of your industrial needs.
If you need help choosing the best IBC heaters and IBC jackets for your business, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly industrial packaging experts today.

What Is an IBC Heater or IBC Jacket?

An IBC heater or IBC jacket is intended to provide a source of heat and insulation for industrial IBCs. They are designed as an attachment for standard, 1,000-litre IBCs and offer an effective way to quickly heat liquids and stop liquids from becoming viscous.

IBC heaters and IBC jackets are made from Teflon-coated polyester materials that protect and insulate the liquids held inside an IBC. Their durable, long-lasting, high-quality and lightweight design is intended for industrial applications, with quick-release buckles that make them easy to attach to 1,000-litre capacity IBCs.

Silicone heating wires allow temperatures to be evenly distributed across the IBC, with long charging cables built-in for convenience. IBC heaters are equipped with safety thermostats to protect from temperature drops, while 3-zone digital controllers allow you to adjust the temperature ranges from 0-40 degrees Celsius or 0-90 degrees Celsius. You can add an extra layer of much-needed insulation to your IBC with the use of an additional IBC lid, which fits snuggly around an IBC jacket.

Why Do I Need an IBC Heater or IBC Jacket?

IBC heaters and jackets are invaluable when it comes to safely storing liquids at the correct temperatures. Many liquids intended for industrial use, such as chemicals or solvents, have to be kept at a constant, specific temperature in order to stop them from reacting or becoming contaminated.

Other liquids which contain syrups or sugars, and which are commonly found in the food and beverage or pharmaceuticals industries, cannot be kept at room temperature. To stop them from becoming viscous, and therefore becoming harder to discharge from the IBC, these liquids need to be kept heated and insulated.

IBC heaters and IBC jackets provide you with an effective way to maintain this viscosity and keep temperatures constant. This is particularly important if goods are being stored in areas where there’s a danger that temperature changes could damage your products.

Our Range of IBC Heaters and IBC Jackets

There are several different types of IBC heaters and IBC jackets you can consider for industrial use. The specific type of IBC heater you require will depend on the temperature range you need and the liquids you’re storing inside the IBC.

For example, if you’re working with pharmaceuticals or storing food or beverages inside IBCs, you’ll need a specific food-grade IBC heater or jacket. If you need to keep liquids at a high temperature, you’ll need the 0-90 degrees Celsius thermostat range rather than the 0-40 degrees Celsius model.

Our most popular IBC heaters and IBC jackets are:

  • IBC heaters for 1,000-litre IBCs (0-40 degrees)
  • IBC heaters for 1,000-litre IBCs (0-90 degrees)
  • IBC heaters for 1,000-litre IBCs for pharmaceutical and food use (0-40 degrees)
  • IBC heaters for 1,000-litre IBCs for pharmaceutical and food use (0-90 degrees)

The most important features that our range of IBC heaters and IBC jackets includes:

  • Designed for use with 1,000-litre IBCs
  • Teflon-coated polyester materials
  • Polyester insulation
  • Additional IBC lids for insulation
  • Silicone heating wires
  • 3M power cables
  • Safety thermostats
  • Single digital thermostats (0-40 and 0-90 degrees Celsius available)
  • IP40 or IP54 protection
  • Adjustable quick-release buckles

If you need help selecting the right equipment for your IBCs, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.

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