Plastic Pallets – Euro, Hygienic and Standard

Our range of new Plastic Pallets include standard, euro and hygienic. They are a robust and typically last 10 times longer than wooden pallets. They are lightweight which reduces shipping costs and aren’t required to be ISPM15 treated

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What type of plastic pallets are available?

We offer a range of plastic pallets including euro and standard UK sizes. They can be either made from recycled HDPE or hygienic.

Are plastic pallets recyclable?

Yes, you can recycle plastic pallets. And not only that, some plastic pallets are also made from recycled material. Its also worth noting that not only can you recycle them but they last 10 times longer than wooden pallets.

Are plastic pallets better than wood?

Although they both come with their own pro’s and con’s, in most cases plastic pallets are better. For example, they can last around 10 times longer than wood pallets, especially in harsh environments; they’re easier to clean and resistant to pests and chemicals making them ideal for food and pharmaceuticals; safer to handle as no splinters or nails; lighter than wood so saves on shipping costs.