Plastic Pallets – Standard, Euro and Hygienic

Our range of new Plastic Pallets include standard, euro and hygienic. They are a robust and typically last 10 times longer than wooden pallets. They are lightweight, which reduces shipping costs and aren’t required to be ISPM15 treated

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Plastic Pallets

Pallets are the foundation of any supply chain, but traditional wooden pallets have a short lifespan, are susceptible to contamination, and contribute to deforestation and waste.

Durable, lightweight, and hygienic, plastic pallets from ITP Packaging are the superior choice when you need a reliable and sustainable solution for your material handling and storage needs.

With a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs than traditional wooden pallets, ITP Packaging’s plastic pallets contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective supply chain.

Who Should You Use Plastic Pallets?

Any business looking for cost effective and environmentally friendly plastic pallets for warehouse storage and transportation needs.

Why Buy Plastic Pallets?

Plastic pallets have immense durability compared to traditional wood pallets. You can safely reuse them before having to replace them, whereas traditional wood pallets can absorb moisture, rot and can harbour pests over time.

Plastic pallets also have no need for ISPM 15, fumigation, or heat treatment. With non-porous and easy-to-clean surfaces, they’re ideal for industries with strict hygiene standards.

What Can Plastic Pallets Be Used For?

Plastic pallets can be used for the storage and transportation of goods, both within a warehouse and during local or international shipping. Because of their consistent size, shape, and racking compatibility, they are ideal for use in automated systems, streamlining material handling and just-in-time delivery processes.

In the food and beverage industry, hygienic plastic pallets help ensure safe storage and transportation of perishable goods, reducing the risk of contamination. In the automotive industry, plastic pallets facilitate efficient material handling and support just-in-time delivery models.

Different Types of Plastic Pallets

At ITP Packaging, we offer three main types of plastic pallets for sale: Euro, Hygienic, and Standard.

  • Euro Pallets: Fits perfectly in standard European trucks, making them ideal for businesses that ship goods across Europe. This Euro size pallet conforms to standardised European dimensions, and seamlessly integrates with existing logistics systems and equipment across Europe.
  • Hygienic Pallets: Hygienic plastic pallets are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry for safe product storage and transportation. While tailored for the food sector, their temperature resistance makes them suitable for diverse industries.
  • Standard Pallets: The perfect alternative to a traditional wooden pallet. Constructed from recycled HDPE plastic, this pallet is a lightweight yet robust solution that lasts around 10 times longer than wooden pallets.



ITP Packaging’s Euro and Standard pallets are made from recycled HDPE while our Hygienic pallets are made from virgin HDPE to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and safety for industries with strict standards.

The typical capacity of our plastic pallets ranges from 1,000kg up to 5,000kg.s

Yes, plastic pallets are fully recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice.d and repurposed at the end of their lifespan

Plastic pallets are widely used in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, automotive, retail, and general manufacturing, among others.

lthough they both come with their own pro’s and con’s, in most cases plastic pallets are better. For example, they can last around 10 times longer than wood pallets, especially in harsh environments; they’re easier to clean and resistant to pests and chemicals making them ideal for food and pharmaceuticals; safer to handle as no splinters or nails; lighter than wood so saves on shipping costs.

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How Are Plastic Pallets Made?

Choosing the right pallet for your needs sometimes requires scrutinising every detail, including how the pallet is made and from what material. This article will discuss how are plastic pallets

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