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Steel drums are one of the most popular packaging solutions in the world. This universally recognised storage solution is durable, versatile, cost-effective and reusable, making it the number one choice for a wide range of industries.

There are two primary types of steel drums for sale: open top steel drums and tight head steel drums. Both are used for packaging, storing and transporting goods in a safe and secure way, but they’re manufactured to meet different demands and requirements.

Each type of drum has different benefits and drawbacks. Some are also available with different features, while some are particularly suited for transporting and storing specific goods. Some drums are built for fantastically secure containment, some drums are built for amazing durability and longevity, and some are built for ease of transport and storage.

Our expert team of industrial packaging professionals are ready to help you find the best drums for your storage needs, be it steel drums, plastic drums, fibre drums or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). With our amazingly wide range of steel drums for sale, you’re sure to find the solution for your packaging needs.

Our Range of Steel Drums

Steel drums are found throughout plants and factories in different industries across the United Kingdom. In fact, the distinctive cyrindrical shape of the steel drum, with its reinforced hoops and industrial design, is a sight found across the world.

Their popularity comes from their versatility and durability, with UN-rated drums being well suited to safely store everything from hazardous waste to foodstuff. Steel drums can be used for bulk storage over long periods of time, transport of goods, waste collection and much more.

ITP Packaging stocks several UN-rated steel drum varieties available for individual or bulk purchases, including open top steel drums, closed top and tight head steel drums, and steel drums with bottom discharge. We offer UN-approved drums with an internal lacquer lining to safely contain both liquid and solid materials. Made from strong steel, they are often used to contain and transport dangerous materials.

Open Top Steel Drums

Open top steel drums, also commonly known as open head steel drums, have a removable lid that can be taken off in order to facilitate the quick filling or emptying of the barrel. The removable lid is then secured to the top of the steel drum through heavy-duty clamps, security seals or industrial levers.

This means that when the steel drum is in storage or transit, the goods are held safely inside with the danger of spills minimised. Open top steel drums are quick and easy to fill, and they’re typically utilised when semi-solids or solids need to be stored in large quantities.

Tight Head Steel Drums

Tight head steel drums, also known as closed top steel drums, have a permanent covering that cannot be removed. Rather than having a removable lid, the drum is filled by pouring liquid into the barrel through a small, round hole in the top. This opening is then sealed with a bung or similar covering.

Tight head steel drums are more difficult to fill and empty when compared to open top steel drums, but they offer a more secure form of storage. The danger of spills and accidents is much lower when using tight head steel drums, which is why they’re popular for transporting liquids and hazardous materials.

Steel Drum with Bottom Discharge

The third type of steel drum is equipped with a bottom discharge allowing liquids to be quickly emptied from the barrel. This steel drum typically has a nozzle or small bung hole, which can be sealed up when goods are in storage or transit. Bottom discharge drums feature an open top covering which also ensures that it’s quick and easy to fill the barrel, as well as quick and easy to discharge its contents. 

Our 210-Litre Steel Drums

We supply these three different kinds of steel drums, all of which come in the same 210-litre size as standard. Steel drums are fantastically durable, offering excellent lifetime value and being suitable for transporting a wide range of different goods. The three varieties of 210-litre steel drums we supply are:

Open Top Steel Drums:

  • Open top – supplied with lid and latch ring
  • Internally lacquer lined
  • 2 inch and 3/4 inch bungs in the lid
  • UN-approved for liquids and solids

Tight Head Steel Drums:

  • Tight head – closed top
  • Internally lacquer lined
  • UN-approved for liquids and solids

Steel Drum With Bottom Discharge:

  • Internally lacquer lined
  • 2 inch and 3/4 inch bungs in the lid
  • UN approved for liquids and solids
  • 2″ bottom discharge opening

What Are the Dimensions of a Steel Drum?

The internal dimensions of a standard drum are 572mm in diameter (22.5 inches) and 851mm in height (33.5 inches). The external dimensions of a drum are around 584mm (23 inches) in diameter and 876mm (34.5 inches) in height. These measurements can vary slightly depending on the drum.

How Thick Is the Steel on a 55-Gallon Drum?

A 55-gallon steel drum uses a rolled sheet of steel ranging between 0.8mm and 12.5mm in thickness. This is in accordance with ISO 3573, the standard stipulated by the UN.

Accessories for Steel Drums

In our catalogue not only will you be able to explore our wide range of drums, but you’ll be able to find everything you need for a comprehensive packaging, transporting and storing solution. From drum liners to drum covers and round bottom liners, we stock everything you need to package your goods securely and affordably.

A critical aspect of using steel drums to store and transport products are the drum liners used in the steel drum itself. Depending on the industry for which you are storing products, a drum liner may be an industry standard or a legal requirement. Even if they aren’t required, using drum liners can expand the use of your steel drum. With a drum liner there’s a reduced chance of cross contamination, allowing you to safely carry different products throughout the course of your steel drum’s life. Drum liners also offer seamless cleaning following each use and reduced chance of corrosion, extending the lifespan of the steel drum.

There are different drum liners available to meet different needs. Food-grade drum liners are specifically tailored to store and transport foodstuff. Drum liners with a bottom discharge feature an opening for a nozzle to release the product without removing it from the steel drum. Drum liners are often available in low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP), but foil liners are also available.

Steel drums can be an ideal option for storing or transporting foodstuff only if they are of food-grade quality. A food-grade certification ensures that food and beverages can safely be stored in a container without the risk of toxic chemicals contaminating its contents. When buying a new steel drum, this can be easily verified by the manufacturer before buying. However, a used steel drum may not have such information readily available. Generally, it’s ill advised to use a steel drum that previously stored chemicals or substances toxic to human health for food, even if the steel drum has been cleaned or you use food-grade drum liners during subsequent usage. However, steel drums can be reconditioned and certified to meet food-grade quality standards.

Rust occurs when metals such as steel are exposed to moist air. This is a likely outcome given that steel drums are stored and transported under different conditions and in different environments. However with the right precautions, it’s possible to stave off rust for as long as possible. Steps as simple as storing your steel drum in a dry place with limited exposure to the elements can be very effective. Steel drums can also have a protective layer of zinc applied to their surface in a process known as galvanisation. Galvanisation will render your steel drum rust-resistant for several years, even decades.

A new steel drum has a projected lifespan of twenty years before it deteriorates beyond use. Following which it can be repaired or repurposed for several years or decades to come. However, this outcome will rely heavily on the treatment and maintenance of the steel drum. Although durable and built for reuse, acts such as storing corrosive chemicals, failing to use drum liners, or not cleaning regularly can impact how long your steel drum will last. Likewise, proper maintenance can almost guarantee an extended lifespan for your steel drum, regardless of whether it’s new or repurposed.  

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