Storage Cabinets & Containers

  • Spill Response Absorbents
  • Small Containers of Liquid
  • Tools & Maintenance Items
  • PPE Equipment
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • First Aid Equipment

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Storage Cabinets and Containers

Here at ITP Packaging, we stock a large number of different storage cabinets and containers specifically designed to be used in an industrial setting. Our range of storage cabinets includes storage bins, mobile cabinets and storage cabinets with work stands, and our team are happy to advise on the best products for your business.

What Are Our Storage Cabinets Most Commonly Used For?

ITP Packaging stocks a versatile range of hardwearing, robust and practical storage cabinets, bins and containers that are perfectly suited for a wide range of industrial tasks. The different types of storage cabinets are generally available in varying sizes, offering various storage capacities alongside attached sump spaces to contain any spillages.

Our most popular storage products include:

  • Storage cabinets
  • Storage cabinets with work stands
  • Mobile cabinets
  • General purpose storage containers and bins

Our storage cabinets and containers can be used for storing various industrial goods, products, supplies and equipment, ranging from spill response kits through to first aid equipment. Industrial storage cabinets are manufactured from non-reactive polyethylene, making them hardwearing, robust and suitable for storing chemicals.

Storage cabinets and containers are commonly used to hold the following:

Storage cabinets are popularly used to hold spill response absorbents, making them a vital part of a company’s emergency action plans in the event of a spill or accident. Spill response absorbents, and other chemicals, can be safely secured inside storage cabinets, which have attached sump spaces to catch any potential spills.

Spill response absorbents can be kept inside stationary containers, or they can be secured inside mobile cabinets or movable storage bins. This mobility allows the spill response kit to be quickly moved to wherever it’s needed.

Storage cabinets are able to safely hold small containers of liquid, allowing your employees to easily access important chemicals or liquids that are needed on a day-to-day basis. These stocks can then be replenished from supplies held in larger storage areas. Larger storage cabinets can help when you have larger containers or larger quantities of liquids to store, while cabinets can be fitted with dividers and trays to help create space for more containers, or to keep things well organised.

Tools and maintenance items are commonly stored inside industrial containers, cabinets and bins. Storage cabinets provide you with an easily accessible and organisable location where important equipment can be kept for employees. These can be emergency maintenance items or everyday communal tools. Mobile storage cabinets allow you to create movable, ready to go maintenance kits for your teams.

PPE (personal protective equipment) is incredibly important in any industrial workplace, and storage cabinets can help you keep PPE well organised and accessible. Large storage cabinets with dividing levels can contain everything from basic protective goggles, overcoats and shoes, to Hazmat suits and rebreathers.

Cleaning and janitorial supplies are commonly held inside large storage cabinets or in large storage bins. The polyethylene design means that a wide range of industrial chemicals can safely be stored inside, alongside more traditional cleaning supplies such as mops and buckets. Mobile cabinets allow janitorial supplies to be moved around, while large bins can be used to store waste products before disposal.

Storage cabinets are an excellent location for storing first aid equipment. You can keep emergency medical supplies or first aid kits close to hand, and in a clearly labelled and organised location. Due to the simple, polyethylene design of storage cabinets, they can easily be cleaned and kept hygienic, too.

Why Choose ITP Packaging?

ITP Packaging stocks an excellent range of storage cabinets, mobile cabinets and storage bins that can be used to store a wide range of industrial goods, from chemicals and liquids, through to first aid kits and PPE. Our products are designed to withstand industrial conditions, and are built with robust, heavy-duty materials that ensure the product’s long lifespan.

With over a decade’s worth of experience in the industrial packaging industry, ITP Packaging can provide expert advice and personalised service to help you find the right storage cabinets and containers for your needs.

As well as providing customers with a variety of storage cabinets, ITP Packaging also stocks a comprehensive array of industrial packaging goods, including steel drums, plastic drums, IBCs, and much more.

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If you need hardwearing storage cabinets, don’t hesitate to contact ITP Packaging today. Our experienced team can recommend the best products for your business, and provide expert advice on storing, packaging and transporting your products.