A transportation trolley is the safest way to move industrial containers, such as steel drums and plastic barrels, without causing damage or creating hazards. Here at ITP Packaging, we stock an excellent range of transportation trolleys, including poly trolleys, drum trolleys and drum dollies. Our team is ready to help you find the best transportation trolley for your goods and products.

From small containers to 210ltr drums, these robust trolleys make the movement of liquids safe and easy.

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A transportation trolley can be designed to fulfil a variety of different functions. Consequently, there are several different types of trolleys you can consider adopting.

Transportation trolleys are primarily meant to hold industrial containers, and there are varying designs that are best suited for either large or small drums, barrels or containers. Transportation trolleys make it safe and convenient to move containers around industrial sites, and they are generally produced with a sump space to catch any spills or leaks while in transit, and manufactured from hardwearing polyethylene plastic.

The three most popular types of transportation trolley are:

  • Poly trolley
  • Drum trolley
  • Drum dolly

Poly Trolley

Poly trolleys are open-topped transportation units designed to carry a maximum of 4 x 25-litre containers. These are versatile trolleys, and their open-top design ensures that many different types of small to medium-sized containers can be safely stored and transported. Poly trolleys have four castor wheels and are equipped with a sturdy handle.

Drum Trolley

A drum trolley is specially manufactured to transport 210-litre steel drums, or other containers of a similar size, shape and capacity. One person can safely operate a drum trolley, and the design ensures that any containers are securely held in place while being moved. The unique design of a drum trolley also allows the trolley to double up as a mobile dispenser.

Drum Dolly

A drum dolly comes in two distinct designs, and is equipped with or without a handle that adds stability. A drum dolly is designed to safely hold and transport a 210-litre steel drum and is manufactured with a 30-litre sump capacity in order to catch any spillage or leakage. Drum dollies are equipped with four castor wheels, two of which will be lockable.

The drum trolleys and drum dollies stocked by ITP Packaging are designed to transport 210-litre steel drums. They are specifically manufactured to meet this requirement, however they are also capable of transporting many other types of spherical industrial containers, including plastic barrels.

A poly trolley has a rectangular, open-topped design. As such, it is designed to carry other types of containers such as cardboard boxes, small IBCs, and jerry cans. Its primary purpose is to hold 4 x 25-litre drums, but it’s incredibly versatile in this respect.

It’s important to select the best transportation trolley for your needs. The best choice will depend on the number and size of containers you need to transport, and how much stability and security you need.

If you wish to securely transport one barrel at a time, then the best choice will be a drum trolley or a drum dolly. If you need to transport multiple smaller containers, then the poly trolley is the best choice.

If you’re unsure which type of transportation trolley is best suited to meet your industrial requirements, the experienced team at ITP Packaging is ready to offer their expertise.

Adopting transportations trolleys can have a number of important advantages for your business, including:

  • Allows for the safe movement of industrial containers
  • Equipped with a sump space to catch any spills or leaks
  • Manufactured from durable, non-reactive polyethylene
  • Long-lasting, robust, hardwearing and cost-effective
  • Incredibly versatile, and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of containers and materials
  • Can be operated by individuals with minimal training

Why Choose ITP Packaging?

ITP Packaging stocks an excellent range of transportation trolleys designed to carry 210-litre steel drums, as well as many more common types of industrial containers. ITP Packaging’s transportation trolleys are all manufactured to meet rigorous industrial requirements, and are designed to withstand heavy-duty industrial conditions.

As well as providing industrial customers with a variety of transportation trolleys, ITP Packaging also stocks a comprehensive array of industrial packaging goods, including steel drums, plastic drums, IBCs, and much more.

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