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UV Protection IBC Cover

UV Resistant IBC Cover

Our 1000ltr UV resistant IBC Covers are an ideal solution for protecting your product or container from UV as well as the likes of dust, dirt and moisture. They’re a quick and easy way to protect your IBC. Although ideal for the coatings industry where the contents of the IBC need protection from UV light during transport and storage, they can be used for any product.

This cover is for 1000ltr IBC but we can also provide for 600ltr , 800ltr  and 1200ltr IBCs.

  • UV Protection
  • Heavy duty waterproof fabric (black)
  • Velcro flaps for access to top and bottom inlet/outlet
  • 1 per pack
  • Priced per pack (ex VAT)
  • Eyelets available in bottom corners upon request (additional charge)
  • Ideal for 1000ltr IBCs but suitable for any pallet approx 1000x1200x1000mm


What industries does ITP Packaging supply our UV IBC Covers to?

We supply to and support a large variety of specialist industries from paint and ink, brewing, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, grease, automotive, textiles and more.

£103.20 inc VAT
£86.00 ex VAT

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Are the contents of your IBC getting damaged by the sun and UV light? If you use Intermediate Bulk Containers to transport liquid, for example, then you’re probably aware that a standard IBC dust cover doesn’t always cut it.  When it comes to protecting your contents from the sun, a normal IBC cover isn’t going to do the job – Ultra Violet light is penetrating and can cause serious damage to a lot of different liquids and substances.

Fortunately, we stock UV IBC covers here at ITP Packaging. These IBC covers are perfect for giving your IBCs and their contents that extra level of protection. Not only do these covers protect from dust, dirt and moisture like normal IBC covers, but they’re also built to block out UV light.

How is this? Well, these Ultra Violet covers are manufactured using a heavy weight 600 denier polyester fabric. This means that the cover is waterproof, and incredibly hard wearing and durable. But most importantly, protecting your IBC and its contents from the UV light and sun damage.

This makes these UV IBC covers absolutely perfect for the ink and resin curing industries, as well as the coatings industry.  Any liquid or material substance that can suffer from sun damage definitely requires a UV IBC cover for full protection. While in storage or transportation, your IBCs and their contents are susceptible to UV light damage while out in the sun. You might expect that a standard woven IBC cover would be sufficient protection, seeing as that they cover the entirety of the IBC. Unfortunately, UV light is particularly penetrating and over a period of time can easily damage UV susceptible liquids and substances. This is why we recommend getting a UV IBC cover for full protection.

If your product is sensitive to UV light, then you know that standard covers don’t do the job. Our stock of UV IBC covers are perfect for fully protecting your IBCs and your products from not just dirt, dust and moisture, but also UV light and sun damage.



There are a lot of different products, substances and materials that can suffer from UV light damage.  A lot of food, chemical and pharmaceutical goods that might be transported in an IBC are light sensitive, not to mention liquids like inks, resins and coatings .In these cases, a standard woven IBC cover or an elasticated IBC dust cover won’t cut it. During storage and transport, these goods can be easily become damaged or their quality compromised.

A lot of people in the industrial transport and packaging world think that if they need to protect their goods from sun damage, there’s only one option: UV IBCs. UV IBCs are specially constructed containers that are ready made to be protective against Ultra  Violet light and the sun. However, these can be quite expensive. Here at ITP Packaging, we think that UV IBC covers are the ideal alternative solution against Ultra Violet and sunlight.

UV IBCs can easily cost you over twice the amount of a standard IBC.  Whereas a normal Intermediate Bulk Container will usually set you back around £140+, fully UV protective IBC is often a lot more expensive. UV IBCs often cost around £400+, raising costs massively when storing and transporting Ultra Violet light sensitive products.

We think that using a standard IBC with a UV cover is the perfect alternative. Not only do you get the same benefits of a fully UV protective IBC, but you get it for close to half the price. It’s much more cost effective to purchase a standard IBC and then an ITP Packaging UV cover, rather than purchasing a fully-UV IBC.

Not only this, but you also get all the great benefits of using a woven IBC cover too, including protection against dirt, dust, moisture. It provides a full external covering to your IBC, with flaps for easy access to the top and bottom valves. We also offer UV covers with eyelets in each corner, allowing you to properly tie down your cover while your IBC is in storage or transport.



Our black UV IBC covers come with a range of benefits and features. We sell one cover per pack, at £80 per pack and discounts for bulk buying. We keep UV IBC covers for 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers in stock, but we can also supply 600 ltr, 800 ltr and 1200 ltr IBC covers at request.

These covers are manufactured using a hard wearing and heavyweight 600 denier black polyester fabric, coated on one side with PVC. This is what makes it not just protective against Ultra Violet light, but also what makes it durable and long lasting. These covers are very tough and heavy duty, meaning that they can withstand a fair bit of punishment while protecting your IBC from rain, dust, dirt, moisture, sand, and other environmental contaminants. These covers fully cover your IBC.

Our UV IBC covers also features inlet and outlet flaps so that you can easily access both the top and bottom valves while the cover is in place. This essentially means that you can keep the cover on at all times, maintaining full protection while still having access to your product and the contents of the IBC. We also do eyelets as an additional option. While the standard variation doesn’t have eyelets, if you need an IBC cover to be tied down we can provide UV covers with eyelets. This allows you to fully tie your UV protection to your IBC, while also fully covering the IBC. You can tie it tightly, further protecting your IBC from dust and dirt.



Why do we think that you should choose ITP Packaging for your IBC covers and other packaging needs? We do things a little differently here compared to our competitors in the industry:

  • Affordable, High Quality Products – Is there anything worse than low quality, poor packaging? The kind that you can’t rely on not to fall apart, causing a mess and costing you time and money. Depending on what your product is, using poor packaging and protection can even be dangerous.

When you choose ITP Packaging, you can rest assured that all our products, including our UV IBC covers, are made from quality materials and manufactured to a high standard. Our IBC covers are not only affordable, but they’re also durable and longer lasting – meaning that you won’t need to replace your covers as often, saving you money both in the short and long term.


  • 95% Available Stock – Depending on demand, we keep most of our products in stock at all times. This means that when you see something you like, such as our UV IBC covers, you can get your hands on it almost straight away. 95% of our stock is available at any one time.


  • Free Delivery Over £100 – Ordering more than one of our UV IBC covers? We’ll throw in free delivery to sweeten the deal for you. That’s right: we offer free delivery on any order over £100 made in the mainland UK. And for orders under £100 or to be delivered outside the UK, the delivery charges are clear and transparent so that you know exactly how much you’re spending before you commit.

While our online system is currently only available for orders delivered to the UK and Ireland, please get in touch if you’re ordering from outside these areas. Contact us on 0333 987 4565 or sales@itppackaging.com and we’ll help to assist you further.



Want to find out more about our fantastic IBC covers, including our UV-protective covers? Call us here at ITP Packaging today for more information on how we can improve your packaging and protective cover solutions. Discover our quality service and great products today!

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