Quirky Ideas for Pubs

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A crucial part of starting and running a business is setting yourself apart from your competitors.

That could be catering to a specific niche, or offering products or services that similar businesses don’t.

In some cases, this can mean giving your customers an unforgettable experience with how you decorate your business.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make your bar stand out using quirky pub ideas.

Interior decoration is an asset used to attract and maintain customers. One such quirky pub idea for your bar’s interior design is to replace common items with storage drums.

The idea is unique, but with some innovation, it’s possible to make furniture, rubbish bins and décor from this common shipping and storage tool.

Create furniture from storage drums

Furniture is the key to setting the atmosphere within a room, because it’s one of the first things people notice.

A bar is no exception. So, if you’re looking for quirky pub ideas, this is a great place to start.

Thanks to their size, material and overall durability, there are numerous ways to repurpose storage drums as furniture.

One such idea is using them as bar stools and tables. This requires little work on your part and no change in their shape or appearance.

There are many creative ways to improve on the idea, like adding a countertop to a stainless steel drum table or cushions to steel drum bar stools.

If you’re truly innovative, you can cut the drums in half and upholster them to create loveseats and armchairs.

Given the durability of steel and stainless steel, they can certainly bear the weight of people sitting on them.

Storage drum furniture isn’t limited to tables and chairs.

It’s possible to make steel and stainless steel drums into shelves and cabinets by cutting the container in half and inserting shelves in the cavity.

Short fibre drums can be repurposed as end tables around a space.

It’s even possible to install plumbing and create sinks from the body of a steel drum.

The quirky pub ideas for storage container furniture are truly endless.

Use storage drums as rubbish bins

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor event, like a concert or festival, you’re likely familiar with the concept of storage drums being used for waste management.

The same method can be a quirky pub idea for your bar.

Using plastic and fibre drums in place of traditional rubbish bins can offer a host of benefits. They come in a range of sizes, namely from 26 to 30 litres up to 200 to 220 litres.

This means you can find containers in a size to meet your needs and cater for the number of customers you expect. These containers can also be repainted or decorated to match the aesthetic of your bar.

Using fibre drum containers can be especially useful as an environment-friendly option.

Although plastic and fibre drum containers can be reused to store and dispose of rubbish, you can rest assured that a fibre drum container is biodegradable.

Therefore, if you need to dispose of the container, doing so won’t be a threat to the environment.

Make bar décor from storage drums

If furniture is the first thing your patrons notice as they enter a space, then décor is among the finer details they’ll notice as they settle in.

And what better way to accent your space than with décor made from storage drums?

If you’re sceptical about this quirky pub idea, it’s important to remember that storage drums are made from strong materials.

Cutting the container allows you to use that material to create something new.

For example, signs or wall fixtures can be made from sheets of metal extracted from steel or stainless steel drums, and redesigned.

Clocks can be made from the covers of these containers.

If your quirky pub idea for décor is made from metal or even plastic, it can likely be melted and recreated from the materials of a storage drum.

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