Sustainability and Steel Drums

Steel Drum

One of the world’s most common industrial storage solutions, steel drums are used to ship and store an impressive variety of goods and products, from oil, petrol and other fuels, to beverages and even hazardous waste.

Steel drums are an important part of the supply chain, but as consumer demands increase in an ever-expanding economy, businesses have been forced to tackle the problem of sustainability. In this article, the experts at ITP Packaging explain why sustainability in the packaging industry is so important, before showing how steel drums can help your business become environmentally friendly.

What Is Sustainability?

If something is sustainable, then it has the capacity to be maintained at a certain level for an indefinite period of time.

When we talk about sustainability in the 21st century, the focus is on creating a world where human use of scarce resources is avoided in order to maintain our ecosystem and way of life.

Sustainability is often concerned with reducing waste, reducing human reliance on fossil fuels and other natural resources, and attempting to lower carbon emissions.

Why Is Sustainability Important in the Packaging Industry?

Sustainability is particularly important in the packaging industry to ensure that vast quantities of materials aren’t wasted. Industrial packaging is crucial, as it helps to protect goods when they are in storage or transport, allowing products to be shipped all over the planet.

Consumer demands are higher than ever before, so it’s important that the industry focuses on reducing waste, and reusing and recycling packaging. Focusing on sustainability will help the industry to continue its important role into the future.

How Do Steel Drums Help the Environment?

Steel drums are a form of sustainable industrial packaging. Compared to other products, particularly plastic products, they have a long lifespan. They can be reused time and time again, allowing businesses to avoid creating excess waste while also lowering the demand for new steel drums to be manufactured.

Rather than being single use, steel drums can be cleaned and decontaminated, and, if they are damaged or broken, there are lots of opportunities for repairs rather than simply adding them to landfill. At the end of their lifespan, they can be broken down and recycled into new steel drums, thereby saving valuable resources from being used and helping to create a more sustainable manufacturing cycle.

Why Choose Steel Drums for Your Packaging Requirements?

Steel drums are a popular choice of industrial packaging, and not just for their sustainability factor. Here are a few of the best reasons to use them in your business:

  • Robust and hardwearing
  • Versatile
  • UN-rated
  • Industrial capacity
  • Long-lifespan
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly

Contact ITP Packaging to Find Out More Steel Drums

Steel drums are an environmentally friendly storage and transport option. If your business is looking for ways to lower its carbon footprint and operate more sustainably, then steel drums could be the industrial packaging solution you need.

If you’re interested in learning more about steel drums and how sustainable they are, then the expert team at ITP Packaging is ready to help. Contact our friendly staff today to find out more about sustainability and steel drums.

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