Why is cardboard used for packaging?

cardboard box

Cardboard packaging is an excellent, cost-effective solution for various storage and packaging needs. Offering a surprisingly high level of protection, cardboard boxes and cardboard drums are great value, incredibly versatile and environmentally friendly, You can use cardboard packaging for a wide variety of goods and products and, as a business, you can lower your bills […]

Is a cardboard shipping barrel suitable for my product?

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With a wide range of shipping options to choose from, it’s important that you find the right product that’s suitable for your cargo. If one of your concerns is budget, then the cardboard shipping drums may be a great place to start, as they are extremely versatile and great value for money.  WHAT ARE CARDBOARD […]

Double wall cardboard boxes: Uses and design guide

cardboard box

Double wall cardboard boxes are a fantastic way to store and transport heavy loads. They offer an exceptional level of strength, durability and versatility that’s utilised by a range of different industries across the globe. Double wall boxes are also environmentally friendly, they’re very much an affordable packaging option and, perhaps surprisingly, they’re incredibly resilient. […]

A guide to buying the right cardboard boxes

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Cardboard boxes are among the most commonly-used type of packaging because they are convenient, affordable and durable. However, it is not as simple as choosing which size you’re going to use – there are a few more considerations before buying.  MATERIAL The best cardboard boxes are lightweight, but also hard-wearing.  The last thing you need […]