Are steel drums food grade?

Open Top Drum with lacquered interior

Steel drums are one of the most commonly used industrial containers in the UK. But while you might see them as invaluable for safely storing hazardous waste or transporting petrol or diesel fuels, they are also incredibly popular for storing and transporting food. In fact, the chances are high that at some point in the supply […]

What are the different types of Food Grade plastic?

Blue Plastic Drum Family

Being able to safely store and transport food and drink is one of the most overlooked components of the modern world economy. Without safe storage containers, we wouldn’t be able to get milk from the farm to the shop, we couldn’t transport spices from one country to the next, and we wouldn’t have access to […]

Plastic drums for the food industry

Drum Liner in drum

Classic, blue plastic barrels are a common sight in warehouses, supermarkets and storage areas across the world. Blue plastic barrels are the perfect container for many industrial items. In particular, food grade plastic barrels are excellent for storing and transporting foodstuffs safely. Plastic drums used in the food industry need to be suitably decontaminated and certified safe for carrying and storing […]

What is food grade plastic?

220 litre open top blue plastic drum

Food grade plastic is a broad term referring to the various types of plastic that can safely come into direct contact with food at any stage between the initial harvest and arrival into your home.   This includes any processing phases, all the way through to packaging ready for sale in a supermarket to the consumer.   […]