Which substances can you store in an IBC?

Elasticated Polythene Covers for IBC

WHAT IS AN IBC? The intermediate bulk container (IBC) is an industrial-grade, reusable container that is pallet-mounted. It is ideal for storing and transporting liquids and powders in bulk. The IBC is designed to be stackable, and you can use a forklift or pallet jack to move it. WHY ARE THESE CONTAINERS INTERMEDIATE? This refers to the […]

Drum or IBC: Which is easier for storage?

Drum Versus IBC

When it comes to storing large quantities of items such as chemicals, there is a choice of vessel. How should you decide whether a drum or intermediate bulk container (IBC) is the best option? ABOUT STORAGE DRUMS Drums are cylindrical in shape and are usually used for storing and shipping bulk chemicals and other hazardous substances safely. They are […]

Are reconditioned IBCs safe?

1000 Litre IBC

Reconditioned intermediate bulk containers are previously-used containers that have been professionally cleaned for reuse. A vital factor is what materials these IBCs contained previously. Therefore, to ensure they are safe, reconditioned IBCs must undergo a rigorous process of cleaning and reconditioning. DO RECONDITIONED IBCS CONTAIN TRACE CHEMICALS? Before proper cleaning, intermediate bulk containers may contain trace chemicals […]

UV IBC Covers recently added

UV Protection IBC Cover

Just over a month ago we added UV IBC Covers to our catalogue following a request from a customer. In just a few weeks the demand has already greatly exceeded our expectations and therefore we were able to reduce our prices. To purchase one of our UV IBC Covers at this new reduced price just click […]