How to Repurpose Industrial Packaging

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Industrial packaging is an important part of the supply chain, allowing businesses to safely store and transport large quantities of goods across the world. But with so much demand for industrial goods, it’s also important to understand where all this packaging ends up. Rather than being thrown into landfill, the most common forms of industrial packaging – […]

Why is industrial packaging important?

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Packaging is everywhere. It’s an important component of the consumer-led lives we lead. Whenever we make a purchase online or in the shops, our products are contained in some form of packaging. But while we are all too familiar with packaging in supermarkets, industrial packaging is often overlooked – and it’s one of the most important links in the supply chain. Industrial packaging includes everything from blue plastic […]

A guide to industrial packaging

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Industrial packaging is an important part of the production process, allowing industrial-grade goods and products to be protected while they’re shipped and transported. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with various materials to choose between.  Each product has its own requirements when it comes to packaging, so it’s important to know which type of industrial packaging works best in any given situation. WHAT IS INDUSTRIAL […]

What are the different types of packaging materials?

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Packaging is an essential component of the manufacturing, supply and distribution processes.  It is used across a wide variety of industries for a range of different roles, and most people will encounter some form of packaging every day of the week. Simply put, it is everywhere.  It helps to protect products when they’re shipped, and […]

How to reduce packaging waste in manufacturing


Most contemporary trends point towards a greater awareness of the environment among consumers.  Manufacturers have traditionally created huge quantities of waste, and much of that comes from the packaging used for products.  While it is in many cases essential, there are ways to reduce the amount of packaging waste in manufacturing.  For this article, we asked our […]