How do you repair a damaged plastic barrel?


A plastic barrel is one of the most durable, long-lasting and versatile industrial storage containers you can purchase. But at some point, even a trusty blue drum can be damaged or broken. However, damaged plastic barrels aren’t necessarily going to be a total write-off. Far from it in fact, because there are plenty of quick […]

How long will water stay fresh in a plastic drum?


A plastic storage drum is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to store freshwater for long periods of time. Plastic drums are the perfect solution for mass water storage, offering the capacity to store hundreds of litres in each container, with the option to easily transport or store the drums in bulk. But while plastic […]

The history of blue plastic drums

Blue Plastic Drum Family

The classic sight of the blue plastic drum is one found in warehouses and on industrial sites all over the world. Versatile, durable and dependable, the blue plastic drum is an essential component when it comes to safe and secure storage and transport of many different industrial goods. Oils, foodstuffs and even dangerous chemicals and hazardous waste can all be safely contained within a blue […]

Can you store fuel in a plastic drum?

Drum Liner in drum

Plastic drums are one of the most versatile and cost-effective containers suited to industrial storage and transport needs, because they are suitable for a wide range of different materials, including harmful chemicals and hazardous waste. However despite their versatility, plastic drums aren’t always appropriate for storing fuel, such as petrol or diesel. Fuels are commonly needed on industrial sites, […]

How do you safely dispose of plastic barrels?

Blue Plastic Drum Family

Plastic barrels are one of the most popular choices for storage and transport of industrial goods. They’re cost-effective, highly durable and incredibly versatile. Plastic barrels have a long life span, but at some point your trusty barrel will need to be disposed of. You can’t just throw unwanted plastic barrels in the rubbish, because the industrial nature of their prior contents as well as the barrels themselves need proper care and attention. In […]

What substances can you store in a plastic drum?

220 litre open top blue plastic drum

Plastic drums are one of the most versatile pieces of industrial storage and transport equipment found in a warehouse. Ordinarily coloured blue and spherical in shape, they can vary in size and overall capacity. They’re suitable for storing a wide range of materials, from foodstuffs through to hazardous chemicals. In this article, we look at which substances you can safely store […]

Plastic drums for the food industry

Drum Liner in drum

Classic, blue plastic barrels are a common sight in warehouses, supermarkets and storage areas across the world. Blue plastic barrels are the perfect container for many industrial items. In particular, food grade plastic barrels are excellent for storing and transporting foodstuffs safely. Plastic drums used in the food industry need to be suitably decontaminated and certified safe for carrying and storing […]

What is the difference between an open-head and tight-head plastic drum?


Blue plastic drums are a classic sight in warehouses, storage containers and transport facilities across the world.  These rigid, sturdy containers are perfect for holding large quantities of goods, from oils and food through to hazardous waste and dangerous chemicals.  But there are two fundamental varieties of blue plastic drum to choose between, and it’s important to know which best meets […]

What can you store in plastic barrels?

Plastic Drum

Plastic barrels offer a simple, but effective, place to store a variety of different products and materials.  They’re a popular choice for businesses working in a diverse range of industries with varying storage needs to accommodate.  Plastic barrels are versatile, durable and, most importantly, they’re incredibly cost-effective.  Available in a range of sizes, they can store […]