How to reduce Protective Packaging costs

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Protective packaging is an essential component in the supply chain; without a practical way to safely store and transport goods, businesses could never fulfil their orders and keep their customers happy. But protective packaging adds extra costs to any delivery, and given the competitive nature of business, profit margins are being constantly squeezed. It’s no […]

What Are the Key Industries That Require Protective Packaging?

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Protective packaging is an essential part of the world’s supply chain, allowing everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to televisions and smartphones to be shipped internationally and domestically. If you’re buying anything from a local shop, online, or even at a farmer’s market, at some point your newly purchased goods have been stored or transported in protective packaging. That’s how […]

The Importance of Protective Packaging in Transport

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Protective packaging is essential for the movement and transport of goods across the UK and the rest of the world. Without the means to safely protect items on both a commercial and industrial scale, suppliers could never meet the ever-growing demands of consumers and customers. Protective packaging comes in a wide variety of forms, from basic cardboard boxes through to enormous steel shipping containers. But its purpose […]

What are the different types of packaging materials?

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Packaging is an essential component of the manufacturing, supply and distribution processes.  It is used across a wide variety of industries for a range of different roles, and most people will encounter some form of packaging every day of the week. Simply put, it is everywhere.  It helps to protect products when they’re shipped, and […]