Which Spill Pallet Should You Choose?

8 Drum Spill Pallet

A spill pallet is designed to prevent spills and leaks from causing damage and accidents in the workplace. If you’re storing industrial liquids, then a spill pallet is an essential piece of equipment. But spill pallets are manufactured in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with different designs and attachments, so it’s important to […]

What Is a Spill Pallet?

IBC Spill Pallet 1100ltr

A spill pallet is an essential piece of equipment for any business storing or transporting industrial liquids. It’s designed to keep storage areas safe from leaks, spills and contaminations, and to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. If you’re wondering what a spill pallet is and why you might need one, the expert team at […]

What Are Bunded Oil Tanks?

Low Profile 4 Drum Spill Pallet

An oil bund is designed to ensure that potentially dangerous, flammable, or toxic liquids can be safely and securely stored. If you’re storing fuel for example, a bunded oil tank will prevent any of that fuel from leaking out and causing damage, pollution or accidents. In the UK, an oil bund is often a legal […]

What Is an IBC bund?

IBC Bund Pallet with 4 Way Access

An IBC bund is designed to be placed directly beneath an IBC (intermediate bulk container), in order to catch and contain any spills. An IBC bund helps to prevent cross-contamination and avoid potentially dangerous chemical reactions in the event of an accident. Most importantly, an IBC bund helps to keep storage areas safe and spill-free. […]

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