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CurTEc 55 Litre Total Opening Drum

The CurTec brand is one of the most trusted brands in the industrial packaging world. With a wide range of robust, plastic products designed to meet industrial needs, CurTec manufactures some of the highest quality drums on the market today.

CurTec offers high-performance packaging and sustainable solutions, and ITP Packaging is proud to partner with the brand to supply our clients with the best available products.

In this article, we explain what the CurTec brand is, why their positive approach to industrial packaging is important, and how they can help your business.

What Is the CurTec Brand?

CurTec is an industry-leading manufacturer of plastic products and containers designed for industrial use.

Founded in 1991, the company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has brought Dutch precision and efficiency to 76 countries worldwide.

They manufacture a variety of plastic products with an emphasis on durability, versatility and robustness that makes them ideal for an impressive number of roles. Their products can be found in industries as wide ranging as pharmaceuticals and construction, while their ongoing strive for sustainability makes CurTec products perfectly suited for companies aiming to lower their carbon footprint.

CurTec makes a diverse range of plastic products, including different drums, pails, jars and boxes. CurTec drums, with their distinctive red screw top that allows for improved safety when storing liquids, are the best-known product the company manufactures. Their most popular products include:

  • Rectangular Drums
  • Wide Neck Drums
  • Total Opening Drums
  • Nestable Drums
  • Square Drums
  • Conductive Drums
  • UV Resistant Drums
  • Click Pack Pails
  • Press Pack Pails
  • Duo Pack Pails
  • Packo Jars
  • UV Safe Packo Jars
  • Pharma Grade Packo Jars
  • Plastic Boxes

CurTec’s Positive Approach to Sustainability

CurTec has a positive approach to sustainability. The company understands that the packaging industry has to step up if they are to contribute to lowering carbon emissions and reducing carbon footprints.

The brand is part of the worldwide EcoVadis network, which provides companies with an environmental rating based on their sustainability efforts. Currently, CurTec is ranked in the top 5 per cent of all companies in the world, a position that demonstrates their commitment in this field.

At the core of CurTec’s sustainability ethos is the simple fact that their plastic products are incredibly durable. CurTec drums and their other industrial storage containers are all intended to be reused. CurTec products have a long lifespan, and their high quality design ensures they don’t go to waste.

In addition, CurTec only works with suppliers and partners that also prioritise sustainability. By 2025 they aim to have created a circular packaging industry whereby products are reused or recycled. By 2030 they aim to have achieved net zero carbon targets.

CurTec Customer Success Stories

ITP Packaging has chosen to work with CurTec for a number of reasons. Not only are CurTec drums top of the range, but consistently positive reviews from their customers leaves us confident marketing their products to our clients.

CurTec has a track record of helping clients, with impressive customer stories backing up their claims of being an industry-leading supplier of plastic packaging products. A few examples of success stories include:

Coffee Companies

In Finland, the coffee company Kaffa Roastery invested in CurTec drums in order to reduce their carbon footprint by as much as 90 per cent. Kaffa Roastery began providing customers with the option of buying coffee in bulk in reusable plastic drums, revolutionising the way Finns order their favourite roasts.

Craft Breweries

Craft breweries, small batch brewers and home brewing hobbyists are all using CurTec drums to brew and store their beers. High quality, reusable drums have become an alternative to more expensive stainless steel products that brewers traditionally use, ensuring the industry can provide excellent brews to their beer-loving fans at lower monetary and carbon costs.


Nanotechnology is incredibly important, but it’s highly susceptible to outside reactions when not stored securely. This is where CurTec drums come in, as they are perfectly suited for storing Nanotechnology safely and securely.

Contact ITP Packaging Today to Place Your Next Order of CurTec Drums

ITP Packaging is proud to work with the CurTec brand to supply our customers with the very best industrial drums.

We trust CurTec to produce high-quality, durable drums designed to exceed industry standards, and we stock a wide range of CurTec products to meet our clients’ varied requirements.

For more information on CurTec drums or to place your next order, contact ITP Packaging today.

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