The different types of drum liners: which should you choose?

Drum Liner and Drum

Drum liners are a great way to protect your steel, plastic or fibre drums when you’re using them to store or transport goods and materials. 

They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so deciding which is best for your needs can be a challenge.

In our latest blog post, we take a look at why you should use them and highlight the different types of drum liners on offer.


Drum liners help to protect your drums while you’re using them for storage and transport. 

They keep your steel, plastic or fibre drums safe from potential contamination, which means you don’t have to worry about washing, cleaning, or disinfecting your drums after they’ve been used. 

Drum liners work the other way around too. They can protect your products from any contamination that might be accidentally present in the storage or transport drum.

Your drums will have a longer lifespan if drum liners are used, which saves you money and has a positive effect on the environment


Foil drum liners are a popular type of drum liner designed to fit seamlessly into round bottom barrels. They are produced from high-quality aluminium and help to transport liquids that require an oxygen barrier by creating a tight seal.

Aluminium foil drum liners are particularly durable, and they’re popular for their high level of resilience. They’re difficult to stretch or tear and hold their shape well, even under high pressure and at high temperatures.  

They come in several different sizes that are suited to an even broader range of uses, from transporting hot food and liquids to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Formed drum liners are another popular type of drum liner that’s great for a wide variety of tasks. These versatile and practical drum liners are produced from LDPE, a resilient type of plastic.

Formed drum liners are designed to easily fit into rounded drums and barrels, providing a surface area that’s free from folds or air bubbles. That makes them perfectly suited for storing and transporting a range of liquids.

They are particularly popular for holding chemicals, food and other substances. Importantly, formed drum liners can be completely sealed off from the surrounding drum to prevent any cross-contamination. 


Anti-static drum liners are specially designed to reduce the chance of any static charge forming within a drum, barrel or storage container. They’re particularly popular for steel drums, which are prone to holding charges and acting as conductors. 

Anti-static drum liners are usually used for substances that need to be kept in an anti-static state, making them a popular choice for transporting chemical substances or anything that already has a charge. LDPE, coated with an anti-static substance, is usually the material of choice.


Drums are often used to store and transport different foods and foodstuffs. For these particular products, health and safety are paramount. 

Food grade drum liners are specially designed to be EU and FDA-approved, meaning they’re great for transporting and storing large quantities of food. 

They stop food from coming into any contact with the drum itself, keeping it fresh and uncontaminated. 


Drum liners with bottom discharge are a specialised design that’s specifically needed when a drum has a pump or nozzle at its base. The liner acts like any normal liner and is usually made from LDPE. 

It fits smoothly inside the drum to protect both the drum and the contents of the liner from cross-contamination. 

The liner with bottom discharge will be attached to the drum’s bottom discharger, allowing you to release the liquid contents directly from the bag through the base of the barrel. 


Round bottom drum liners are a simple but cost-effective type of drum liner. They’re usually made from LDPE, which provides a resistant and highly-durable material that lines the inside of your drums. 

They are tied off at the top after being filled because they have no purpose-built lid or closing device. They’re primarily designed to protect the sides of a drum, by forming a tight fit against the drum itself. 

If you’re still struggling to choose the best drum liners for your needs, contact ITP Packaging for more information. Our professional staff are on hand to help you order the most suitable drum liners for your business.

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