What Are the Benefits of Using Steel Barrels for Storage?

Steel Drum

Steel barrels are one of the most popular industrial storage options on the market today, and that’s because they come with so many excellent benefits for businesses.

Steel barrels, or steel drums, are long-lasting, resilient and cost effective. Most importantly, steel barrels are incredibly effective at protecting the goods stored inside from damage or contamination.

If you’re looking for an effective industrial storage option, the experts at ITP Packaging are here to explain the benefits of using steel barrels for storage.

Durable and Long Lasting Option for Storing Food

Steel barrels are an excellent way to store a wide variety of goods and products, and they are well suited to holding everything from hazardous waste to pharmaceuticals.

They’re also a particularly durable option for storing food products with steel barrels continually proving to be a popular choice in the food and beverage supply chain.

Steel barrels can keep food protected and fresh, especially when used in conjunction with drum liners. Before storing food products in steel barrels, it’s important to ensure that the drum in question is certified as ‘food grade’ and that it hasn’t been used to store potentially harmful materials previously.

Protect Contents from Light, Moisture and Pests

Whatever products you choose to store in steel drums, you can rest assured that everything is going to be extremely well protected.

Steel drums not only protect against physical damage, but when properly sealed they also protect against dust, moisture, harmful UV rays, and any pests that might be around the storage area.

You can even add extra layers of protection to a steel drum by using dust covers, waterproof covers and UV covers. These are especially useful if you intend to store steel drums outdoors.

Easy to Maintain, Easy to Clean

One of the best benefits of using steel barrels to store goods is that they’re quick and easy to keep well maintained. In fact, a well-maintained steel drum has a lifespan that reaches into decades, as long as you keep it clean and handle it with due care and attention.

Steel barrels should be cleaned after every use, but don’t worry, because they’re easy to keep clean. Depending on what you’ve stored inside, you can use general cleaning products to disinfect steel barrels once they’ve been emptied.

The ease of cleaning and maintenance has the bonus of allowing steel barrels to be used time and time again. This saves you money on running costs, while also helping the environment by making sure this is a multi-use product. At the end of their long lifespan, steel drums can be totally repurposed, or broken down and recycled into new barrels.

Can Be Stacked to Save Space

Steel barrels are designed for industrial use, and that means they’re designed and manufactured in such a way that they can be stacked on top of one another.

Steel barrels can be easily stacked in warehouses for storage or in lorries for transport, and while they are bulky and heavy when full, they can quickly be lifted and moved around using industrial equipment like forklifts.

Their design helps to save storage space, makes it easier to move them around and transport them, and therefore also helps to save you time and money.

Can Be Equipped with Handles and Other Accessories

Steel barrels can be heavily customised to make them even easier to store, move around and transport over long distances.

For example, many barrels are equipped with robust handles that allow them to be shifted quickly, and without the need for heavy machinery.

There are a huge range of ‘accessories’ that can be added to a steel drum, as well. The most common accessory is a drum liner. This goes inside the barrel, and stops cross contamination occurring between the steel and the product being stored.

Steel barrels can also be equipped with dust and UV covers for protection, they can be fitted with nozzles or bungs to make filling and emptying more efficient, and more.

Contact ITP Packaging Today to Find Out More About Steel Barrels

Durable, long-lasting and incredibly resilient, steel drums are one of the best industrial storage options for any business.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using steel barrels for storage in your workplace, the expert team at ITP Packaging are ready to help. Contact our friendly staff today to find out more.

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