What are the different types of IBC covers?

IBC Cover

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are engineered specifically for transporting and handling a number of different substances. 

They are reusable, and made of industrial-grade materials.

That means they are heavy duty and reliable too. 

Sometimes these containers are used to transport materials that need to be kept in specific conditions, and that’s where IBC covers come in. 


IBC covers do exactly as you would expect; they cover containers to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from damaging what’s underneath. 

There are some IBC covers that keep things in, as well as out.

For example, some IBC covers insulate, keeping heat inside to prevent various substances from being exposed to less than optimal conditions. 



Woven covers are ideal for preventing IBCs from being damaged, while being stored either inside or out, because they cover a container almost fully and are waterproof. 

Your IBC will also be protected from dirt and dust so you don’t have to worry about anything contaminating what is inside. 

There are eyelets at the bottom of the cover, so you can fix it to your IBC securely and have peace of mind it won’t become detached from a container and leave it exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

You can also tie it as tight as you want to an IBC, guaranteeing a high level of protection. 

The woven material is tough, and won’t become compromised.

That means you can use it over and again before having to buy a replacement.  


If you need a cover to protect your IBC from UV rays, a UV cover is the one for you. 

A woven IBC cover won’t do the job. 

Not only does an IV cover protect a container from damage caused by the sun, it also prevents dirt and dust from getting inside 

It is an excellent choice, and often a necessity when storing or transporting items such as coatings which are sensitive to the sunlight. 

UV covers also share properties with a woven equivalent besides providing protection from the sun.

Most IBCs risk sustaining damage from too much exposure to the sun over time, so using a UV cover can prevent a container aging prematurely. 


IBC dust covers are shorter, and only protect the top of a container rather than its body.

They still keep out dust, dirt and moisture, which is ideal for open containers. 

They are elasticated tops which secure themselves to an IBC effortlessly. 

Not only can these be used for IBCs, you can also attach them to protect pallets, drums and other boxes.


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