What can you store in plastic barrels?

Plastic Drum

Plastic barrels offer a simple, but effective, place to store a variety of different products and materials. 

They’re a popular choice for businesses working in a diverse range of industries with varying storage needs to accommodate. 

Plastic barrels are versatile, durable and, most importantly, they’re incredibly cost-effective. 

Available in a range of sizes, they can store everything from hazardous waste materials to food and drink products. 

In this article, we identify the many things that can be stored in them.


Before we examine what can be stored within plastic barrels, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of using them for storage. 

Plastic barrels are lightweight and incredibly portable, especially in comparison to other storage containers such as steel drums

Plastic is a surprisingly resilient and strong material, and it has many advantages over flimsy alternatives such as fibre, which is often used for storage too.

Importantly, plastic barrels are reusable and they’re great value too because they’re mass-produced in a variety of sizes and are customisable to hold a diverse range of substances. 


Plastic barrels can store many different things. 

However, because they can be produced to differing qualities, strengths and capacities, it’s important to make sure the barrels you use are capable of holding the materials you need them to. 

This is particularly important for chemicals and hazardous materials, which need certified plastics for safe storage.


If you need to transport food and beverages from one place to the next, plastic barrels are a great choice. 

They can store food and drink in bulk, allowing you to transport things easily and then keep them cool in warehouses or even in industrial fridges and freezers.

Plastic barrels are particularly suited for large-scale catering needs, as they can store huge quantities of dried food, powders and liquids with ease. 


Strong plastics are perfect for storing corrosive substances and hazardous chemicals because they won’t degrade like other materials such as steel. 

They offer a safe method of storage and transport for acids and other potentially dangerous chemicals, making them a popular choice in many industrial settings. 


Plastic barrels are great for storing and transporting large quantities of industrial liquids too, including lubricants and oils. 

You can safely seal them inside the barrels in a cost-effective manner, allowing the liquids inside to be easily accessed too. 


Plastic barrels provide a great value and safe way to store large amounts of cleaning materials. 

Large-scale cleaning companies often make use of them because they won’t corrode and can store huge quantities of liquid cleaning materials. 

Plastic barrels are a fantastic way to store a wide range of products and materials, and are a ideal choice for businesses across a variety of different sectors.

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