What can you use fibre drums for?

Fibre Drum

Fibre drums are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a versatile storage container. 

These storage cylinders are kind to the environment, cost-effective and incredibly light to handle, making them a popular choice for businesses.

But what exactly are fibre drums and what can you use them for? 

We asked our experts for the answers. 


Fibre drums are versatile storage cylinders constructed from fibreboard, a material that is similar in look to cardboard but is much stronger and more durable.  

They have a fibre cylindrical body but will usually have a solid, removable lid that can be produced from plastic or steel. 

The fibre used for a cylinder’s body is made from recyclable materials, and the lid can be repurposed and reused. 

Fibre drums come in a wide range of sizes and have a wide range of benefits and uses. 


Fibre drums are environment-friendly, being constructed from recyclable materials. 

It makes them a shrewd choice for businesses looking to become more sustainable or that are conscious of their environmental footprint.

Because they are made from fibreboard, fibre drums are also cost-effective and can be purchased cheaply, especially in comparison to other storage drums such as steel drums.

As they are incredibly light to handle, fibre drums also cost less to ship in comparison to other bulkier, heavier storage devices. 

Using fibre drums can, therefore, help you to save on your running costs, as well as giving you a greener business. 


Due to their light nature, fibre drums aren’t a popular choice for hazardous chemicals. 

However, they do have a surprisingly large number of uses and are durable too.

Fibre drums are a popular choice for anyone in the cable or wire industry, with the cylindrical shape providing a great storage system for wires and cables of all lengths.

They are often utilised by the pharmaceutical industry, too. 

Because they are manufactured in a range of capacities, they can be tailored to the product in need of storage or shipping.

Hazardous chemicals can be stored inside too, although often they will need an extra layer of protection within the fibre drum. 

The food industry makes use of fibre drums to store and transport powdered goods, flavourings or spices, while any number of industries can make use of them to store powders or adhesives. 

Given their versatility and the range of sizes and capacities available – anywhere from a few litres up to 200 litres of storage space – there is a wide range of uses for fibre drums across multiple sectors.

You can find them being used for storing and transporting everything from chemicals to food. 


Due to the way fibre drums are manufactured, you can’t store liquids in them unless you line them.

We supply a range of liners that once placed inside of a fibre drum, allow you to store liquids inside of them.

Please take a look at our range of round bottom liners to find the most suitable liner, or contact our Customer Support Team for advice and guidance on which liner would be most suited to your needs.


To find out more about fibre drums or how you can use them in your industry, contact ITP Packaging today to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team.

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