What Is a Spill Pallet?

IBC Spill Pallet 1100ltr

A spill pallet is an essential piece of equipment for any business storing or transporting industrial liquids. It’s designed to keep storage areas safe from leaks, spills and contaminations, and to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

If you’re wondering what a spill pallet is and why you might need one, the expert team at ITP Packaging is here to explain everything.

What Is a Spill Pallet?

A spill pallet is a large tray or container that provides overflow space for liquids. Barrels, drums or other industrial containers such as an IBC sit on top of a spill pallet, and any leaks or spillages flow into the ‘sump space’ below.

A spill pallet can be produced from a number of different materials, with the most common being a non-reactive plastic such as polyethylene. This means they are long lasting, robust and cost effective pieces of industrial hardware that can be reused time and again.

How Do Spill Pallets Work?

A spill pallet is designed to catch any overflow liquids. It does this by providing a stable base on which barrels or drums can sit.

If the barrel leaks or is damaged, the liquid inside is channelled into the overflow space (or ‘sump space), where it’s collected.

Spill pallets work effectively as they are able to hold 110 per cent of the total quantity held within the storage container.

Why Should You Use a Spill Pallet When Transporting Hazardous Materials?

Spill pallets are an essential item to have when you’re transporting hazardous materials, as they provide a secondary layer of protection that can prove invaluable in the event of an accident. A spill pallet is designed to contain any spills or leaks, and this means they can stop injuries, pollution and damage should anything go wrong.

Here are the main reasons to use a spill pallet when transporting hazardous materials:

● Prevent hazardous materials from spilling or leaking
● Stop hazardous materials from causing contamination
● Provide protection for employees in the event of dangerous spills
● Prevent potentially dangerous chemical reactions
● Prevent environmental pollution
● Avoid the need for costly clean-up operations

How to Choose the Right Spill Pallet

Choosing the right spill pallet will help you to prevent accidents and contamination in the event of leaks and spills in the workplace.

A spill pallet is intended to be used in conjunction with specific sizes and types of industrial container. For example, an IBC spill pallet should be used for IBCs, while a steel drum needs to be used with a specific steel drum spill pallet. You should always make sure that the capacity of the spill pallet is 110 per cent of the capacity of the containers stored on top.

The major things to consider include:

● The type and size of container
● The quantity of containers
● The types of liquids in storage or transport

Many different types of spill pallet come with varying degrees of protection. The more hazardous the materials, the more robust and effective the protection needs to be. For example, opt for heavy-duty steel-framed spill pallets over polyethylene pallets if you need more protection.

Spill Containment Regulations and Best Practices

Companies that store or transport industrial quantities of liquids and any liquids that are deemed hazardous or flammable need rigid spill containment regulations in the workplace.

Specific regulations govern different liquids, such as oil or chemicals, and you should consult the Health and Safety Executive for guidelines and best practices.

All companies should carry out risk assessments and use spill pallets and health and safety equipment to minimise the chance of accidents and injuries.

How to Clean a Spill Pallet

A spill pallet should be properly cleaned and disinfected after every use, even if you believe that no liquid has been spilt or leaked out into the sump space.

The type of cleaning equipment and chemicals required depend on the liquids being stored on the spill pallet, as you need to ensure that you won’t cause any chemical reactions.

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