Which Spill Pallet Should You Choose?

8 Drum Spill Pallet

A spill pallet is designed to prevent spills and leaks from causing damage and accidents in the workplace. If you’re storing industrial liquids, then a spill pallet is an essential piece of equipment.

But spill pallets are manufactured in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with different designs and attachments, so it’s important to select the best spill pallet for the job.

So how do you know which spill pallet to choose? The expert team at ITP Packaging is here to explain.

What Is a Spill Pallet?

A spill pallet is an overflow tray that’s used to contain spills or leaks. A spill pallet provides a ‘sump space’ for industrial containers, such as steel drums or IBCs (intermediate bulk containers).

An industrial container will sit on top of the spill pallet. If the container is compromised, any spillage will be caught in the sump space below.

Spill pallets are manufactured from hardwearing and nonreactive materials and are designed to improve health and safety in an industrial setting by preventing accidents and costly clean-up operations.

What Are the Different Types of Spill Pallets Available?

Spill pallets are designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of industrial needs, and that means there are a variety of different types on the market.

Specific spill pallets are designed to contain different quantities of liquid or to hold different types of containers (such as steel drums or IBCs). Spill pallets are also designed to hold a specific number of containers. For example, one spill pallet may hold 2 x steel drums while another larger spill pallet may have the capacity to hold 4 x steel drums.

Spill pallets are also manufactured as either open top or closed. Open-top pallets are designed for indoor use and provide no outer protection to containers. Closed-top spill pallets are manufactured with either a soft or hard covering which provides extra protection.

Popular types of spill pallets include:

  • Spill pallets for steel drums
  • Spill pallets for IBCs
  • Open top spill pallets
  • Soft-covered spill pallets
  • Hard-covered spill pallets

The majority of spill pallets are manufactured from polyethylene, which is cost effective, long lasting and can be safely used in conjunction with many industrial liquids. Spill pallets may also be manufactured from steel or a steel cover may sit on a polyethylene base.

How to Choose the Right Pallet for Your Business

Spill pallets are commonly designed for specific uses, so it’s important to select the correct one for your industrial needs. Choosing the right spill pallet helps to prevent accidents, clean-ups and contamination, so always ask an industrial packaging expert for advice if you’re unsure of your selection.

Spill pallets are commonly intended for specific types, sizes and quantities of containers. For example, if you need to store IBCs, then you need a specific IBC spill pallet. If you intend to store steel or plastic drums, you need a spill pallet designed for these containers. Importantly, any spill pallet needs to be able to contain 110 per cent of the quantity of liquid stored above it.

When selecting the right spill pallet for your business, the major factors to consider are:

  • The type and size of your containers
  • The number of containers you have
  • The type of liquid being stored

Spill Pallets for Outdoor or Indoor Use

All spill pallets are designed to be robust and hardwearing, which means they’ll hold up well if they are used for outdoor storage.

However, if an open-top spill pallet is stored outdoors, then the sump space will inevitably fill up with water if it rains. You can mitigate this problem in the short term by covering the pallet and containers with waterproof materials.

If you intend to store goods outdoors for extended periods of time, we recommend investing in heavy-duty hard-covered spill pallets. These are fully contained and waterproofed, so they provide much more protection from the elements than open-topped spill pallets.

Contact ITP Packaging Today for More Information on Choosing the Best Spill Pallet

ITP Packaging stocks a comprehensive range of industrial products, including an excellent selection of spill pallets, trays and accessories.

From IBC spill pallets to spill pallets for steel drums, our team can recommend the best products for your business.

If you require more information on the best spill pallet for your needs, our experienced staff are on hand and ready to provide you with expert advice. Contact ITP Packaging today to find out more.

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