Why Choose CurTec Drums

CurTec Total Opening 26litre drum

CurTec drums are one of the most popular industrial brands on the market. Robust, long lasting and hardwearing, these highly durable plastic drums with their recognisable red lids are designed for many industrial storage and transport uses.

CurTec drums are available in a wide range of styles and capacities, making them a versatile choice for businesses that need to safely ship or store large quantities of goods. If you’re considering purchasing CurTec drums, the experts at ITP Packaging are here to explain why they’re a great choice.

What Are CurTec Drums?

CurTec drums are a specific brand of industrial container manufactured by CurTec. There are several different designs and types of CurTec drums, and they’re intended to meet a comprehensive range of industrial storage and transport needs.

CurTec drums have a signature screw top lid and a ribbed, plastic body. The two most popular and versatile types of CurTec drums are:

What Are the Differences Between Wide Neck Drums and Total Opening Drums?

CurTec drums have similar features that make them an excellent choice for industrial use, but you’ll need to decide between CurTec wide neck drums and CurTec total opening drums when selecting the most appropriate option.

Both designs are manufactured with durable, non-reactive plastic materials and both have wide bodies that are ribbed to allow for rolling. As with every CurTec drum, both have the signature red plastic screw top lid for added security.

Where they differ is in the size of the opening. CurTec wide neck drums are the original design, and they have a wide top that makes for easy filling and emptying. However, CurTec total opening drums have an even wider opening at the top. There’s no tapering, and the available area for filling and emptying is much larger with total opening drums than for wide neck ones.

What Are the Advantages and Uses of Each Type?

There are many excellent reasons to choose CurTec drums. Regardless of whether you choose CurTec wide neck drums or CurTec total opening drums, all CurTec drums benefit from considerable advantages, including:

  • Designed to provide protection for valuable industrial goods.
  • The signature red screw top provides added security, while being easy to open and close.
  • Rubber gaskets in the lid ensure that the contents are protected from unwanted moisture.
  • Wide openings allow for easy and safe filling and emptying.
  • Manufactured using hardwearing, durable plastic materials.
  • Plastic bodies are ribbed to allow for rolling.
  • The UN-rated design ensures hazardous materials can be safely stored and transported.
  • Can be used alongside drum liners for added protection.
  • Available in a wide variety of different capacities.
  • Available in a wide variety of designs, with added functional accessories such as handles available.

In addition, all CurTec drums offer excellent value for money because they can be cleaned and reused time and again, while they’re perfectly capable of being utilised alongside standard industrial equipment such as pallets and forklifts in a warehouse setting.

Both CurTec wide neck drums and CurTec total opening drums are primarily intended to be used for storing and transporting liquids and semi-liquids, although they could both also be used for certain solid materials, too.

CurTec wide neck drums offer more security than total opening drums, due to the narrower neck. While filling and emptying is slower, it is more secure. This makes them best suited for storing liquids, and they are the best choice if you need to store and transport hazardous substances. CurTec wide neck drums are available in a range of capacities, from 3.6 litres up to 68 litres.

Because of the wider, total opening that comes with CurTec total opening drums, this specific type of drum provides much more flexibility and ease when filling or emptying the container. For this reason, CurTec total opening drums are well suited for storing large quantities of materials such as powders or grains. CurTec total opening drums are available in larger capacities than wide neck drums, ranging from 26 litres through to 110 litres.

Contact ITP Packaging Today for More Information on CurTec Drums

CurTec drums are an excellent choice for your industrial storage and transport needs. ITP Packaging stocks a comprehensive range of CurTec wide neck drums and CurTec total opening drums, and our team are happy to help you decide which is best for you.

For more information on CurTec drums or to place your next order, contact ITP Packaging today.

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