What Is an IBC Tank?

Elasticated Polythene Covers for IBC

An IBC tank, or intermediate bulk container, is a versatile, robust and hardwearing piece of industrial storage equipment designed to safely hold large quantities of liquids and semi-liquids. IBC tanks are a stalwart feature of the industrial packaging world, offering a reusable and recyclable container that can hold everything from drinking water to hazardous chemicals. […]

When Can You Not Reuse a Steel Drum?

210 litre UN Tight Head Steel Drum (Lacquered Interior)

Steel drums are one of the most long-lasting forms of industrial packaging that you’ll find in warehouses, factories and in the backs of lorries and trucks all over the world. These heavy-duty containers are used to store everything from petrol to hazardous waste, and with a long lifespan, steel drums can be continually reused, recycled […]

What Are Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Made Of?

1000 Litre IBC

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (or FIBCs) are non-rigid storage containers that are primarily used to hold large quantities of dry semi-solid materials, such as sand or powder. Flexible intermediate bulk containers are completely collapsible. This means they are not only highly usable but easy to store and transport when not filled to the brim. In […]

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